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Washpost: Dream on, donks

By Owen Paine on Monday May 8, 2006 10:13 PM

The Wash Post reports more horse race analysis on this year's biennial Fall classic.

The popular sea change may still not be enough for a House change, given the Repub lock system. According to one academic study, the Repubs are way better distributed CD-wise. A majority of CDs are Repub-friendly -- while Dems are lumped on top of each other in a minority of CDs. Kind of a minority-majority, majority-minority gig

And oh, this just in too...

The old Dixie split ticket voting (CD donk / Repub prez) is down from a high in the 60-70's of 40% to a mere 13% today -- practically random error range. Is that a gerrymander effect too -- and if so, how?

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It seems to me that a sharp decrease in split-ticket voting would indicate an increase in the polarization of the electorate itself, rather than any effect produced by gerrymandering.

Good grief. Did I just write that?

js paine:

i say the gerry rig
still may be involved

hear me out:

as the repubs gained control of more southern state gubs
they got to re line
the districts

i think this leaves an an uneven efect

donks get a muddled notion
that swing is the thing
because the party base
blacks is heavily bunched
in cds they can't lose

but pubs get to harden their ideology

cause all they need do is be themselves to win
like the old white sheet demodonks

haven't seen this
written up
in black and white
and decked out with
ivy yet

but its a notion that might form itself
into a conjecture
if it eats its spinach

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