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Better a bad candidate than a good initiative, anytime

By Owen Paine on Thursday June 8, 2006 05:54 PM

Instead of wacking away for Busby, maybe Prop 82 needed the spotlight.

It failed, and with it the cause of universal free preschool for California's 4-year-olds -- paid, for, N.B., by a rich mans' tax.

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Brian Miller:

I'm sorry. Not everyone who voted against this turkey was a conservative or a vichy dem. Color me skeptical, but there are no demonstrated studies by neutral parties that show universal preschool would work over the medium or long term. Color me libertarian about another program to increase State indoctrination and control during childhood.

(Great site, overall!)


Brian got me with this line:

Color me libertarian about another program to increase State indoctrination and control during childhood.
Ivan Ilyich says in Deschooling Society that the "reward of schooling is... more schooling." This line has evoked an involuntary rueful laugh from every member of the merit class I've ever quoted it to -- except teachers, of course.

js paine:

wow some actual disagreement here
at death to the donks...

i feel alive ...
really alive

whilst dame michael
does his remrakably convincing
ethel merman act
at casino kos
i'll say but this for now

long range schooling is my enemy

i believe the free and compulsory
public system
needs to end at about grade 8
i call it 12 in 8 and out
end the high school draft

but pre school thats where my sense of
comes in

i'd of course settle for
universal 10 hour
free day care
from zero to 13
at the rich mans exspense
with choice ah yes choice

and as to libertarianism
you ain't read my mind ....
and just how sick it really is

hell start at 4

by 4 i'll have em
so socialized harmonized
and egotistically
they 'll grow
from there
to be lambs
to the job slaaughter

see i'm a BIG T totalizer
from way back

but early to cut out all that muzzlin and boo hoo

slogan two

never again

no more generations like the boomer upper middle

no more bratocracy
clinton little georgie

ask doc smiff when he returns from
his beknighted errantry
as a sargent cuckoo
in the kositonian

u just him
about me and 4 year olds

i'll give em a choice
all right

pre school or barboil

whats the second?

a 4 foot pot of red hot bubbling


"Another salvo came from private preschools, notably many Montessori schools, over concerns that increased competition from a state-run program would threaten their business and their education philosophies."

Haha their education philosophies? What's philosophies might those be? Many must live poorly, so we can live well?

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