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By Owen Paine on Monday June 12, 2006 11:27 AM

He appears at my elbow...

"Oh, for god sakes Hunter, what is it this time?"

"Kos will build a real place, JS... "

"Yeah... so...?"

"One word... Jonestown...."


"Kool-ade, Paine... Remember... the Kool-ade...."

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Until yesterday I had never read your stuff, but I've now read two pieces on CounterPunch and I laughed my ass off. You nailed it. Nice job.

Thank you for that refreshing and honest report! Before even reading it, our members had been commenting on what a charade the KOS convention was. How you bill yourself as Progressive when you're sponsored by the NDN, an organization Lieberman founded as a DLC twin, is frankly beyond us.

Would you grant us permission to repost your article in full in our discussion forum? (http://www.progressiveindependent.com/dc/dcboard.php) We're a forum of serious Left-leaning voters who don't have time for any crap coming from either party. Proper links, credit etc would of course be included.

You rock!
Admin, Progressive Independent

I don't really see it. Jones had charisma. Ko$ has all the charisma of a gerbil.

Sure, he could organize a mass suicide. Make sure all the cups had just the right ratio of strychnine to Grape Ape. But I seriously doubt Ko$ could get the faithful to drink.


You didn't see 'em in Vegas, Alan. Not only could Kos get 'em to drink, I think Harry Reid could get 'em to drink.

Reid has already gotten countless pro-choice feminists to drink the Kool Aid. I will always fondly treasure the assurance from one of my sisters at the end of '04 that surely with all "us progressives" keeping an eye on Harry, he wouldn't try any pro-life "shennanigans." Sure. I wonder how they feel about his little Supreme tap dances of the last couple of years. Well, actually, no. I don't wonder. Or care, at this point. Idiots.

LOL I am laughing at that last comment.

Well they weeded out or ran off or bored to death anyone with brains and independent political thought.

I am sorry to be cruel, but they are left, pretty much, iwth cripples and the aides to the operatives at the site, or what I call the unpaid hareem...

and it is no different at the satellite sites... which I personally think are in existence to "net the butterflies" as I put it. Be alternative sites but the proprietors are beholden.

Yes I do believe they'd go over the cliff for that old hack Harry Reid. Smiling as they jumped.


as correct me if i'm wrong
but my guess alan just wants to bash marcos down well below jim jones.....
i agree one thousand percent

jim had somethin'

kosissimo max has nada

he's the seed/core
of a tropical depression
around which cyclonic forces are building

conditions are all too favorable to call
it charisma
as one might use it about
jungle jesus jim

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