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The boys of October

By Owen Paine on Wednesday June 28, 2006 07:58 PM

Here's a headline for this fall -- expect it on or about October 28th:
Redeployment is at hand
How nice it would be to hear that variation on Super-K in '72 coming out of Rumsfeld's lipless mouth -- or better still, thru the piano-key teeth of her eminence Madame Sec.

Bottom line : now tell me who's incompetent, bub? It would be a total el squelcho for any donk dreams that the voters would go into the booths with the thought "the Democrats are the last best hope to win the peace over there."

So what's needed to get there from here? Really, nothing -- just the proper box and wrapper. To wit: some slideable withdrawal schedules for our boys and girls, that leaves a sufficient notion of a concept of a predicate that some form, or way, or shape, of a residual presence will be "requested" by the native state office holders.

This kind of "deal" could be made to fit almost any size reality. But oh yeah -- there's one hitch: what if there were a request to "leave ... now that we the Iraqi people thru our democratically appointed government can take it from here"? Well, that would be safely in the post-November future -- recall that the Christmas bombing of Hanoi and the subsequent summer carpet roll of Cambodia all lay ahead in the dim unforeseen, when Super K told us peace was at hand in October.

That "hand" proved to have a large palm, and long fingers.

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There's already a request to leave -- from a group of insurgents who will stop their attacks if the occupying forces leave. (somewhere in today's news.)
Of course, the US will have to wriggle around this, and the pundits will help by ignoring it completely, or calling it unreliable.
The trouble is, these are sunni insurgents, and that only takes care of one part of the country.

js paine:


my pal tuck A
late of the foreign service

has what i think is a nice analysis

as far as the iraq
in tres partes bit

he calls it
the kurdistani full monty

all long term US bases
get restricted to
the kurd region

and some UNCLE type financing
allows the kurds
to buy out THEIR former countryperson's
in the iraqi state's present
oil and gas company

then whats left
is s just arab vs arab

like northern ireland
or lebanon

that oughta be a cinch eh?

but the real point
comes in here

who at imperial headquarters
really needs an enduring
peace in mesopotamia ???

so let the civil strife re-continue
only pipe the f down
till our boys and girls
can get to the next post
the hegemonic highway

why would both sides sunni and shia buy into
such a " decent redeployment "
yankee exit ???

the sunni
see the shia right now
holding "state" power and using that as a shield
to legitimize its side in the intercommunal armed struggle
a real civil war where both sides can lay claim to legitimacy
requires a faux
coalition stage
a subsequent breakdown and a split
into firing parties

that kabuki
will aid the sunni
and not really hurt the shia cause they want
the yanks out
so they can
fight this out
to a bloody knock out finish
in other words
the shia
think they'll win eventually
either way
so why not sooner rather then later

they know damn well
the bulk of the sunni
won't quit
either way

so add it up
and its obvious

neither see
a real strategic advantage for uncle to stay

and both know a short spell of phoney make nice
will allow uncle to exit with his hairpiece still in place


they shia think they'll
take it either way
with or without the yanks
and the sunni are willing to pretend to reconcile
just to "legit"
their subsequent descent back into armed rebellion

"we tried harmony... "

in reality
they've already gone
to the mattresses
and they
plan on staying
there till armed struggle sorts it all out

You know, I like that a lot of websites have that "ticker" that shows just how much money is being wasted every second/minute/hour on Gulf War 2. Yet that's only part of the picture. I wish there were likewise a "ticker" that explained just how much fossil fuel is also wasted every damn moment on these little excursions. The absurdity of wasting natural resources to slaugther strangers overseas only becomes that much more absurd-- if you can prove that you're running through as much of the prize as you're managing to bring home (purely out of altruism, of course).

There's always the outside chance that people who don't give a shit about loss of life might give a damn about loss of resources. :/

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