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The good old days

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday June 21, 2006 08:27 AM

Justin writes:
As crestfallen as I feel when I see people like Coulter/Limbaugh/etc. saying things that should make them untouchable pariahs in a decent society, I feel ten times worse when I read/hear a "liberal" going on in these absurd constructs.

E.G. Iraq is a disaster because the people in charge didn't do it right. They should have done it like Kosovo.


Everything was great in the U.S. until Bush took office, we need to return to that.


Our country's rich tradition of liberty, truth, and freedom for all has been unbelievably compromised by Bush and it is unprecedented and disastrous and I am going to explode in indignation. (Not counting Latin America, Vietnam, Cointelpro, civil rights, slavery, Indians, womens rights, etc.)

Over and out.

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js paine:


i checked out your blog

will surely visit in the future....

though prolly not comment

as with other blogs
like xeno's

i can't navigate the hedge rows...

as doctor berra would say
not only am i
a certified
i got ADHD too


btw your guy
bacevich has a nice epiphany line in that interview :

"I came to buy into the views of historians like Charles Beard and William Appleton Williams who emphasize that foreign policy is an outgrowth of domestic policy, in particular of the structure of the American political economy "

smart fellah eh ???

and yet as if to show how even the true of heart can fall on their snouts

here's him too

"I have to say, I certainly
supported the Afghanistan War. I emphatically believed that we had no choice but to take down the Taliban regime in order to demonstrate clearly the consequences of any nation tolerating, housing, supporting terrorists who attack us "

 i won't bother to do more then grimly turn my head from side to side

knock out a regime
cause it harbors
clear and present danger type terrorists ....
where does one get
 on and off that bus  ????

ole senator  biden-bomb
and his thinkin hawk  ilk
like the  notion
"forfeited sovereignty"

 a rogue state
unable to clean up its hinterland
   the license  for uncle outfits
  to pull
zionic type
 deep past the border violating raids
to "take out"
terrorist set ups

now ain't
that slippery enough ????

but nooooo

these chaps
want the right to knock out regimes

jesus mary and joseph  
bracevich please open your other eye too  

On a related note, you all might enjoy this piece from Tapped, an offshoot of The American Prospect.

From At It Again

Personally, I may be in love.

js paine:

in love with
charlie pierce ??

no no don't tell me

Just the column, jsp. Not Pierce himself. I am so tempted to start using that "whistling fish" expression all over the place, but out of deference for your feelings, I'll abstain-- for now...


"Whistling fish" was pretty funny. I have to admit.

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