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Bloosmday, a little late

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday July 1, 2006 04:00 PM

The New Republic (yes, the New Republic!) reports:

by Ben Smith

This isn't the first time that Bloomberg has privately flirted with a 2008 bid. But what makes a Bloomberg candidacy look increasingly real is that he has also begun to think about the mechanics of running. New York p.r. eminence Howard Rubenstein recalls Bloomberg putting a price tag on his Oval Office ambition at a dinner party in April: "I could easily put up half a billion," the mayor had said, naming a figure over one-third higher than the Bush campaign's spending in 2004.

...Unlike Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, and George Pataki--and like another diminutive self-made billionaire--Bloomberg is thinking of running as an Independent.

Well, I never thought I'd have a good word to say for the tiny poison toad Bloomberg. But if he gets a third party oar in the water in '08 and disrupts business as usual a bit, I'll promote him to a higher circle of Smith's Inferno.

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I dont know the guy well enough. Why doesnt he run as a Republican, or is that spot already reserved for Guliani? Do these guys just do it for ego, or do they know they're giving the win to the democrats by running?
That said, I never blamed Nader for giving the election to Bush. Really, I didnt for a minute!

Got bad news for ya, bob - Bloomy has major crossover appeal. He's just as likely to spoil the demowhigs day as the republisaurus'.

And yeah, Beltway Al lost his own election.

The Democrats "learned" all the wrong lessons from 2000.

Instead of seeing the way the Republicans called out a mob to bang on the windows of a polling station and realizing that they needed a similar ability to call on their grassroots in a crisis, they focused on Nader.

And the lesson learned was "the way to avoid another 2000 is to crush any sign of energy from the left, to demonize it, to push it so hard to the margins we'll never see it again."

And what happened in 2004? The left swallowed their pride and voted for "war hero" John Kerry. Even Chomsky gave his tacit approval to vote Democratic. Nader wasn't even a blip on the rader. And they still lost.

Then again, the Democrats didn't "learn the wrong lessons" at all. They simply don't want any kind of grassroots energy on the left threatening their jobs and social status.

J. Alva Scruggs:

I sometimes get a kick out of sarcastic thanksralphing. It makes me feel better about my disingenuously defended, deliberate spite vote, and my sneering, mindlessly malicious efforts to sink Democratic candidates. I alternate that with a naivete that bewilders Democratic supporters -- that is until they realize it's just another of the passive aggressive tactics they've come to expect from the self-loathing, objectively pro-wingnut left.


J Alva -- One of the happiest moments of my life occurred early in the morning after Election Day 2000, when I heard that Ralph's 90,000 stalwarts in Florida had deprived Al Gore of the Presidency. I had voted for Ralphie myself, and I went around for the next week rubbing all my Democratic friends' noses in it.

I know, there's some debate about whether it really was Ralph, or not, who gave us W. instead of call-me-Al. Fair enough. I prefer to believe it was me, all by my lonesome, and I haven't had a nanosecond's penitence about it, from that day to this.

I'm sorry, of course, that the Democrats learned the wrong lesson from the spanky I gave them -- but hey, it's not my fault they're idiots.

See, I totally think that what America needs is a new 3rd Party called the Poison Toad Party. Think of the accessorizing potential of a multihued toad logo, subtly tinged with delicate ribbons of black...

I'd go to work for Bloomberg just for that. Also, since all the Demobloggers think I'm "helping Republicans" by daring to demand candidates who give a shit, why not make my "help" official and get a tidy salary in the process ? :p

J. Alva Scruggs:

I believe it was you, MJS, though I did my best, and, erm, thanks . . . ? Oh, hell.

Being serious for moment, what bothers me about the donk faithful themselves is their eagerness of so many to negate my right to politcal self-defense. They'll concede the validity of Republicans' political rights before they'll concede mine. Then they demand my vote. It's like being short-changed to my face by someone who calls the cops when I tell him to stop being a weasel. "He looked so angry, officer, and you know how vicious those treehuggers can get".

Bloomberg is on my permanent shit list for militarizing the city during the RNC.


Stanley R -- You couldn't be more right about Bloomie; not only did he militarize the city after the RNC, he kept militarizing it further. I walk into the subway now and there are literally cops searching people's belongings.

Bloomie is an awful, awful little man -- as bad as Giuliani and Koch, at least.Still, if he disrupts the duopoly, I will feel that he's owed a tip of the hat for that, at least.

Ah, but think of the amusement value when Rep and Dem apologists alike unite on the campaign trail to berate Bloomberg for the (c)rudeness of his brand of militarization. As opposed to the duopoly model, where the protest pens will still be called "free speech zones.' Perhaps the DP will want theirs gussied up with free fair-trade coffee and a couple of dream-catchers as well. The GOP will opt for a videoscreen that broadcasts Toby Keith videos and re-runs of Seventh Heaven.

J. Alva Scruggs:

Ms. Xeno, he'll bilk you. It's the same story, time after time. What with the chittering, the bilking and, to complete the triangle, the zombie pen, it can be a terrible, traumatic experience.

I hate to say it, but sometimes integrity is all there is :'-(


Ms X -- I imagine that the one thing Republicrats won't berate the venomous little squirt for is his militarization of New York. They're all on the same page wrt that subject.They want the whole country militarized, and as for New York -- barbed wire and police dogs.

J. Alva, how do I know you're not just saying that because you want the gig yourself ? I've seen how much you like working with colors on your homepage. Harrumph.

MJS, I underscore that the debate about "security" would be all about the crudity in the details, not about the need for that sort of bullshit in the first place.

Tim D:

I'll always remember Bloomberg for his handling of the transit union strikes this past winter. The irony (dare I say, hypocrisy) of a billionaire calling the transit workers "greedy" and "selfish" is just too rich.

In any event, I, like MJS, certainly welcome his candidacy. Anything to stir up the dreary bipolar elections...

Bloomie is an awful, awful little man -- as bad as Giuliani and Koch, at least.Still, if he disrupts the duopoly, I will feel that he's owed a tip of the hat for that, at least.

Honestly, as much as I detest Bloomberg, if he runs as a third party candidate, it will throw the election to the Republicans.

Why? A lot of well-off people in the northeast vote Democratic, not because they like the Democrats, but because they don't like the Evangelical Christians and hillbilly social conservatives in the Republican party.

Bloomberg would give them a way out.

That means that New Jersey certainly, maybe New York, and quite possibly one or two states in New England will go to the Republicans.

Nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party and every person on the Daily Kos who supported Bloomberg against Ferrer will have noone but him/herself to blame.

It would be hilirious.

J. Alva Scruggs:

My fecklessness is proof against almost any gainful employment, Ms. Xeno, even evil gainful employment. So much so that I could be a senator!


Maybe Bloomie can run with Holy Joe as his veep, since he's apparently partyless.

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