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Dean: off his meds again

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 26, 2006 09:26 PM

From the Associated Press:
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday called Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an "anti-Semite" for failing to denounce Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel....

"The Iraqi prime minister is an anti-Semite," the Democratic leader told a gathering of business leaders in Florida. "We don't need to spend $200 and $300 and $500 billion bringing democracy to Iraq to turn it over to people who believe that Israel doesn't have a right to defend itself and who refuse to condemn Hezbollah."

Uhh, Howie -- "defending democracy in Iraq?" Is that what we've been doing? My, haven't you changed your tune.

These AIPAC Democrats -- which is to say, 99 out of 100 Democrats -- will literally say anything they're told to say. Stop making sense? No problem, boss. If AIPAC called up and said that from now on, two plus two equals five, every last one of 'em would have a press release out within the hour, shrilly denouncing recalcitrant Four-ists as anti-Semites.

Barbara Boxer recently suggested that we should send Madeleine Albright as a special envoy to Lebanon, and I agreed, on one condition. Subject to the same proviso, I suggest we send Howie to Iraq to look for some nice pro-Israel Iraqis to whom we can "turn over" the puppet regime.

Video at 11. Parental discretion advised.

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I think Dennis Kucinich was on Amy Goodman's show today to talk about Democrats and Israel. I missed it and wonder what he said. For that matter, I wonder what Al Sharpton and Bob Graham would say? There must be one uncorrupted Dem out there, somewhere. Gary Hart?

There must be one uncorrupted Dem out there, somewhere. Gary Hart?

Conyers is about the best you're going to do.

Interestingly enough, my own Congressman, Donald Payne, who would occasionally vote "present" on the kind of blank check for Israel vote they had last week went along with the crowd this time.

What happened?

Oh yeah, the "Save Darfur" rally. I'm thinking maybe he got some kind of promise from Aipac for their support in exchange for his vote. Just speculation but something tells me that's what happened.

There he is on the left schmoozing with the congressional bigwigs.


And of course George Clooney.


And this was the real underlying message.


Now I'm not saying the whole "Save Darfur" cause is worthless or that you shouldn't seek the help of well-connected pro-Israel types who have their own motives for supporting it but will nevertheless support it.

But Payne's district is mostly black and hispanic. His district office is right next to the Salvadoran consulate. So in all logic, he should be voting with Conyers, Barbara Lee and Cynthia McKinney on these votes, not giving blank checks to the IDF to kill people of color in the middle east.

Unfortuneately my Congressional district is so Democratic the Republicans don't even run against Payne. Maybe I'll vote Green. Psst. Don't tell Atrios or Kos.


Howie got smacked down hard when he was leading the polls in 2k3 and said something along the lines of "In order for the US to be an honest broker in the Middle East, it can't appear to favor one side over the other." Shocking stuff. He was sucking on AIPAC's teat a few weeks later. Could be that's what cost him the primaries. I tend to believe it was his statements about media consolidation, myself.

js paine:

i like rowan's
smack down scenario

deanhas proved time and time again
he's a slow learner
and worse still
he's no man
to fore see
a political hazard
right in front of him

but he's obviously
on to the deep danger
the zionic third rail

don't mean he wouldn't
ride the bastards
out of town
on it
if enough
"connected people"
of the proper sort
so demanded

he's a surf rider
all the way


Evidently for the good doctor, installing "democracy" in Iraq isn't good enough.

Nothing less than AIPACracy will do!

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