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What's old is new again

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 12, 2006 09:05 AM

Alan Smithee writes:
Over at the mighty headquarters of the DNC one must be able to smell the flopsweat for a country mile.  Having no other issues upon which to challange their corporate rivals, the donks are determined to bray long and loud about this bit of old news:

Democrats to highlight Social Security in mid-term elections

Social Security privatization is back on the political agenda, this time with Democrats leading the way by reminding voters of the differences between the Republicans and Democrats in the management of the government retirement program, today's ROLL CALL reports.

Can't you just hear the dem policy rodents scurrying frenziedly about?  And this stale bit of cheddar is all they could come up with.  I'd feel bad for them if I weren't enjoying the schadenfreude so much.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

I think it's an intro to "bipartisan reform". There's quite a bit of baroque shilling for that going on. It's a way of leading up to saying, "we stood against bad privatization to make sure you had a chance for good privatization".

I'll bet 5 quatloos I'm right about this.

I have to disagree. This a transparent attempt to try turning out the only voting sector the dems haven't pissed off this year, Senior Citizens, with the only issue that they can plausibly state that makes them different from the republicans.

I'll wager seven quatloos on it.


The Democrats are trying to have it both ways--after doing absolutely NOTHING to change Medicare D, they can try and con the voters by saying, "See, we watch out for your social security."

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