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... and take your pal Dodd with you

By Owen Paine on Wednesday August 9, 2006 03:16 PM

Joe's "Team Connecicut" (aka the Me Team) must be in a long huddle formation right about now. And while they cluster around their bent but bowless champion, the inside Kos headline oughta be:
There will be no second Lowell Weicker miracle story. The Dem split will not lead to a come-from-the-outside Repug victory. This time around, the story will end differently, with our Joe in the role of crooked Cold War hack Tom 'whiskey to go-go' Dodd, and Lamont, who looks to be better cast as the Weicker, instead playing the surprise Dem primary winner, the reverend J Q Duffey, high moralist and Roman-robed campus peacenik.

But here's the total plot changer, the mysterious shadow geek Schlesinger, Republican nominee, ex-mayor of Derby, and quondam two-party pocket protector: a "roll over" stunt dummy.

Yup, that's who this time is playing the part the original Lowell W used to steal the whole production.

There may be a new subplot this time -- a patch on the near shipwreck of St Hill, future president, as her in-state peace and minority base deserts her, after Al and Jesse and the progs mount a paper chase attack on her, for her obviously phony, belated, limp-wristed moves against the party-wrecking renegade nutmeg muppet.

Of course there could be a baseline shift -- a foursquare funding boycott that forces Joe to quit the race -- but is that likely? I doubt it. They have so far not even grumbled, so all that can stop Joe otherwise is just that corn-footed nincompoop, Mr S, ex-mayor and pseudonymous casino rat, and he couldn't find a way to seriously split the caveman/babbit vote with Lieb in a zillion Groundhog Day reruns. So we look to see now who, if anybody, breaks their money promises to Joe, and who keeps 'em

Note well Senator Schoom's pressure on the Dem donor base. Will he and his junior colleague, Lady McHill, both be screaming, we must rub the Joe spots off our hands?

Much ammo for the Stop Me movement will be produced whichever way it goes.

As a final tear-faced clown bathetic touch -- notice the present plight of one Senator Chris Dodd, son of the aforementioned Pickled Tom. Yikes! The poor man's managed to cover himself in Joementum stink spray so bad over the last few months.... Well, let put it this way: right this moment, as he plans to gather with other Conn Dem loyalists, he smells so foul, so flexible of mind, so craven, so morally hunchbacked, that even if he were to literally stab dearest Joe in the neck right on the floor of the US Senate -- even so, unlike, say, St Hill, he's doomed. He's forever fated to cry "out out damned spot!"

But show no mercy to the fool. His blown-haired high-handed fucklebucking around, his career-long pandering and mincing condolence, have finally caught up with him. And to think he's ruined because he played wing man to the Joe Show.

Well, it had to happen sometime, somehow. And I say he oughta land himself where his two-facing on Central America earned him a visit -- at the bottom of a thousand-gallon vat of skin stripper.

Coda: The universal Dem line is obvious -- "For chrissake, Joe, try feeling some self-shame here for once, and fucking step aside... for country, state, and party!"

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Can someone explain to me the idea of using "Repug?" It's so...so....Kosnik. "They play on the other team so we have to make up a childish name for them!"

Republican leaves a dirty enough taste in MY mouth on its own.

First I heard the term was on the old Morning Sedition blog on AAR. Other variants were 'rethug' 'rebuttlikan' and, by far the popular favorite, 'asshole'.

As to this power fight within the democrat party, no one in the party leadership really cares which dem wins in CT (as has been noted before). Both can be counted on to toe the AIPAC line and a single dissenting voice in the Senate is a small enough price to pay for dampening the antiwar movement for a couple more years.


Rowan's right -- "repug" is a little Kos-tive. Nostra culpa. We'll try to avoid it in the future.

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