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Alter egos

By Owen Paine on Sunday August 13, 2006 09:14 PM

Obscenity alert: this Washpost item caused me to unleash a torrent of brimstoney expletives. Be advised if innocent,shell-pink ears are near as you read it.

My God, the mad muppet, der Lieberhund, the would-be hammer of the new Caliphate, is characterized as a man of civility and plain-spoken moderation -- a modest, self-effacing tea and crumpet server at the center for wholesome dialogue. Pass me that full bottle of George Dickel you got back there, barkeep -- I gotta mood shift emergency here.

To complete the circuit of hyperbole, there's also our guy Ned, ripping himself loose from his straitjacket. Suddenly he's leapin' Lamont, the barn burner.

Give me a break -- that paddleball preppy? Nattering Ned, fixin' to torch the house of bipartisan, er, intercourse? Hell, he couldn't burn a hole in his own pants pocket.

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It's hard to believe there are people who are that disconnected and yet manage to function in the world. And what exactly was that article supposed to be, anyway? Does WaPo publish poorly thought out letters to the editor on page A4 now?

js paine:

the lieb leder

calls for "unity"

a national front against terror

"This week we had round one of the U.S. Senate race. Now round two begins. I want to thank my supporters and explain to all you why I've decided to fight on. I'm staying in this race because I want to keep working for the things that matter to you. I've led the Senate on issues like national security the creation of the 9/11 commission; efforts to stop global warming; protect social security and find cures for diseases like cancer and diabetes. And I'm staying because I want to help end the war in Iraq in a way that brings stability to the Mid-East and doesn't leave us even more vulnerable. So much needs to be done, but so little is actually getting done in Washington because our politics have become so partisan and polarized. My 30 years of experience has been about bringing people together. I'm Joe Lieberman. And I approved this message because it's time for a new politics of unity and purpose".

watch yourselves

this guy is becoming
a black hole
for too much stray lefty bile

he's fast approaching a power morph
where he becomes
a temptation to spit
beyond temptation

where the force of repulsion
becomes a force of sick attraction

we woody vets call it
the nixon effect

but think not
of the late richard N 's
great ham

joe's got it
he's got the magic

but its a toonish

stuck loop version

with none of the masters vastness of gesture

this is very much puppet theatre here
full size
dark side charisma he ain't got

okay maybe
that other dick
count cheney
has a touch of that full scale thang


not this pip

he's not hideous
and wort bursting
not flushing blood from his gums

even on his own terms
he's a side show

a kiddy distraction

but it draws one in anyway when its the only venue where the battle is being
fully engaged
inside the donkery

and in the hope
i can stay clear
cross eyed distraction

i try to
consider this

u could jab
his voooo-doooooo pin doll
10 thousand times a second
with the longest sharpest needle
on earth
he'll feel none of it
absolutely nothing
not a wince will we see

just that wide skip rope
goop of a muppet grin

nope nothing at all

jab his haitian luv doll
the kaaba stone comes
to jerusalem
he'll just
rabid pussycat right on

where there's no shame
there's no pain

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