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Hard to please

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday August 29, 2006 10:37 PM

That exigeant sorehead J Alva (hi, fellow exigeant sorehead!) writes:

In some ways, this jerk [Lamont] is worse than Lieberman.

"Rather than prescriptive standards [for GHG emissions], I would support performance standards to get us where we need to be in terms of conservation and efficiency."

Of course J Alva is right -- Lamont is not Robespierre. Au contraire, he is an extremely Establishment figure. The interesting things about him -- and there are only two -- are these:
  1. He's defying the Israel lobby, and
  2. People seem to like it.

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J. Alva Scruggs:

He won't defy for them long, I bet. Connecticut defense contractors (scroll down for the amounts) are accustomed to getting a lot of money from procurement. While not the biggest customer, the Israeli military is reliable purchaser. Moreover, AIPAC et al are made members of the weapons racket. Just the sort to say, "gee, Ned, pity about your tepid support for the war against evil" and hint that cutbacks are coming down the line. "Be a real shame, Ned, if you pissed off all those employers in your state".


JAS -- Of course you're right. Lamont himself is nothing to write home about, and a Great White Hope he is not. But his success tells us a couple of things. One, that certain elite sectors are getting uncomfortable with a US Mideast policy made in a back office in Jerusalem. Two, that certain components of the electorate are getting restless too. These are not insignificant developments, even if the name Ned Lamont will be a trivia question in a decade or less.

jesus reyes:

Counterpunch had a piece about the incredible Lamont Wall Street pedigre. The author was pitching him as the 2nd blow to the Lobby behind Mearsheimer and Walt.

Anyway, speaking of alternatives to globalized predator capitalism, shit's fixin to hit the fan in Mexico - big time. Maybe it will spill over into the city with the 2nd largest Mexican population - L.A. Maybe it will be just in time for a major recession in the US.

js paine:

hey JAS bo
how 'bout the fact lamont
is not the party core candidate ???

if the nutmeg voters knock off the lieb now
sure the donk elite has its bases covered
but the word will go forth
the bosses can be beat
this is going to be a part of any brake up

the wall street full nelson on our electoral
now i'll quickly admit
the best we can get here
is a reduction
to a half nelson

and while i'm awake

how 'bout the fact a win by ned
is against the orthrian odds and its not surprising only a wealthy blue blood
self financing
could put this option strongly before the people

he's really an independent peace candidate
"structurally " disguised

yes we must rely
on the black box combo
of conviction and ego
of a very genteel and rich stranger

--- needless to say ---

this all goes to show
what a fair ground fix
"the two be as one"
corporate lock
has gotten our
sovereign people's choice into

J. Alva Scruggs:

Fair enough. There does appear to be a shift in consensus, and some scrambling in reaction to it.

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