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Hillary, the machine-gun missionary

By Owen Paine on Tuesday August 15, 2006 12:27 PM

The cell phone rang last night at some ungodly wee hour. I'm deep in dreamland.

It's the illustrious Mr. Y.

"So, JS, what say you? A shabby-ass cease fire -- quite a denouement."

He's calling me? As if i'm the oracle, not him. What a transparent ploy. But no, I won't ask his take, the egomaniac. Instead i go "Errrrrrrrr... indeed... exactly... good point... all I dare add is thank God uncle's got too fucking few boots, eh?"

Bzzzzzz... and he's gone.

I guess if you boil it all together long enough, that is the empire's final bone, and consequently its weakest link -- the footsoldiers, the grunts and jarheads. The ultimate smart weapon system is mostly made of meat. There's no substitute when you get to the short strokes.

Forget the cruise missile phase of wardom -- lesson from Iraq and reinforced by Lebanon: no more sky-hawkery. Hillary et al. want to give Uncle precisely more "boots", so he can get in there on the ground and rumble.

So who's the fightin-er party, gang? That corporate profiteers' grappler Don Rummy with his shock and awe blitzkrieg update and its minimalist ground force concepts, or Hilary, no longer the bomber-borne saint of Kosovo -- Hillary, who now has a new mystical inspiration: "We need lots more brigades ready to hit the beach -- lots and lots...."

Don Rummy is content with more hi-tech weapon systems, but our lady of the mano-a-mano wants tens of thousands more hard-ass regular forces flesh puppets.

Then what? Two, three, maybe more armed civilizin' projects going on at once? Hill and hubby Bill wanna create a chain of decent-acting emerging nation states all across this globe of ours. Build 'em from scratch out of the hundred or so post-cold war and post-colonial shambles we got lying around the planet. They're much bigger thinkers than old jackass Jimmy -- Carter only builds houses for the poor, but St Hill and her man Bill are fixin' to build whole civilized nations for 'em, and with the help of enough armed missionaries, who can say its just a dream?

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Well then I guess she is an idiot. Boots on the ground is indeed the achilles heel of the duo-empire. Americans won't die in war and this latest denoument proved Israelis have more to live for than Americans. Shias, on the other hand, live to die in war and they have better demographics.

In '79 they discovered that religious fundamentalism is the indestructible organizing principle of the new caliphate and now they have the order of battle.


I know this post is curdled with ironies, but I must point out that Clinton (Bill) was the first to be seduced by war from the air. Wesley Clark, Clinton's stalking horse in the 2004 democratic primaries, bragged about how he destroyed Yugoslavia without any American casualties.
I agree with anonymous, above, that Americans (white middle class level) are relucatant to "die in war", but Iraq is showing that there are alternatives -- jobless minorities, and central Americans trying to earn citizenship. And, of course, private contractors.
Emmanuel Todd, in End of Empire, describes the "achilles heel of Empire" succinctly -- we have no moral authority any more (no one believes our "democracy") and our military can only destroy countries, not occupy them.

js paine:

"Clinton (Bill) was the first to be seduced by war from the air. Wesley Clark, Clinton's stalking horse in the 2004 democratic primaries, bragged about how he destroyed Yugoslavia without any American casualties"

yes but thats the old new democrat line

the new new democrat line

is more boots

precedent the kennedy camelot round table

flexible response

jfk 's
version of "bring it on"

was something about
how uncle was prepared to bear

"any burden "

two and one half
counter insurgencies at once

no more red guerilla wins in asia

that was pure ring a ding ding
swinger era donkey do

as gore vidal sez

the new frontier turned out to be
and the wheels came off the cart

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