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I have been to the mountaintop

By Owen Paine on Thursday August 10, 2006 03:52 PM

Think I may have been dead wrong -- its not time to move on up to St Hill.

This anti-party clique forming around Lieberstiltskin -- this Mini-Me uber alles power play, this dirtball hawk krieg -- must be crushed all the way down.

Fellow progressive Democrats! This is a scratch match. Either Joe must be obliterated or this party splits. It ain't big enough for both Joe Lieberman and any possibility of social progress, lasting peace and basic human decency.

This may be the final conflict for the soul of the party. There can be no "come home Joe" -- and in this light the Mini-Me donors need to be isolated, and the squalid labor hacks, and any light footed mum Dem pols too, keeping their options open. They need to be singled out, publically spotlighted, and subjected to a brutal series of head-spinning party exorcisms -- and I mean the type of obsessive ritualizing you saw on Kong Island, repeated like prayers to Allah, over and over, till the target bursts into bloody atoms from mere chagrin.

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I thought the pwogressives had already declaired victory. Heck, Seder and the AAR gang were trumpeting victory the day before the CT primary. "Win or lose we made a difference in the party blahblahblah" you know the drill.


Wait, wait - which do we want, the party to split or the progs to win?

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