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Masters of outrage

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday August 15, 2006 07:51 PM

Nurse Todd Gitlin has joined Dr. David Sirota in bandaging the wounds of Bernie Sanders. Here's Gitlin's quousque-tandem:
J. Lieb.: No Sense of Decency

A hat-tip to David Sirota for unearthing this item: The Lieberman operation (Lieberman II: Scrape the Bottom of That Barrel Until It Screams!) is going for broke to smear Ned Lamont--and has lots of names to name. Connecticut's Journal Inquirer reported yesterday that Lieberman's communications director, Dan Gerstein, in an e-mail sent to reporters over the weekend blasted Lamont for being "slightly to the right of socialist Bernie Sanders on fiscal policy?" "Why should anyone outside the Sharpton/Kos wing of the Democratic Party believe Ned Lamont will represent their views in Washington?" Gerstein added.

I know, it's microscopic-eyeing, but... don't you love the headline? Lieberman has "no sense of decency." Gasp! Stop the presses! Gitlin leaps from the tub and runs home ballock-naked shouting "heureka!"

There's something about these yentas tsk-ing over the Sanders reference that really puzzles me. Do Gitlin and Sirota agree that Sanders is not a socialist, though Sanders himself says he is? If so, it's probably the first time I've ever agreed with either of them -- and both, well, that's really a red-letter day. Or is it that yeah, Sanders is a socialist, but it's no fair to say so? What, in the name of Pete, is all this rage about?

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J. Alva Scruggs:
What in the name of pete, is all this rage about?

The operant conditioning for the base needs heavy doses of inane blather and excitement over nothing to keep their demoralization fresh. Gitlin picks up marks in the anteroom, promises to advocate for them, gets up in front the assembled nobility, takes a breath, shits himself vigorously, weeps a little and then comes back, stinking, to blame his victims. If they complain, one of his colleagues staggers out of zombie pen, bearing the ghastly marks of undead affection, and chides them for ingratitude. Then their wingnut colleagues, noses pressed to perfumed hankies, allow as how it's very strange for the little people to be getting so self-destructive. They're alienating decent consumers! It's remarkably effective.

js paine:

stop with the lieb stations of the cross here
pastor smiff

not only is our liebster
sympathetic to us mirror gazers

now he's mis begotten mama's boy
to a fine madness

fortunately for my high art taste buds
he's just
a very very low mimetic gruel

i'd rise to his hideous egomaniacal
like he were a new bobby Lee

thank my stars instead

"right here on our sheeeew
a muppet macbeth...."

"watch him
wade on thru to the far side..."


" satan bring me my swift boaters

out out brief clintons

lay on McNat...

i from my senses
now untimely ripped

i fear no pol nor poll
nor pole ax three "

I'm afraid that J.Alva sees a whole level of drama and quasi-sexual tension in the pages of The Nation that eternally elludes me. I just find it deadly dull. Except for Trillin's verse. To paraphrase MST3K, "I'd slap those lines if I could."

J. Alva Scruggs:

Quasi? There's nothing quasi about it, Ms. Xeno! One hesitates, of course, to describe it as sexual in the conventional sense, but it is certainly full-blown.

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