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More of the same

By Owen Paine on Saturday August 5, 2006 05:13 PM

Wanna know today's advice to the Dems from the boys who brought you that part of Bill Clinton (the Antichrist from Hope) that Dick Morris didn't? read and enjoy.

My image, and it's a joyous one -- these flightless gobblers are in full mad flap, racing to get under the peace tree before base lightning strikes 'em dead.

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Unsurprisingly, that pdf crashed my Adobe Acrobat reader.

Deeply clueless, aren't they?

Bah. To approach malignant evils with a tepid, managerial mindset is probably more evil than the blind passionate fury that gave birth to them. Like a child, it is conceived in passion, but grows strong with caring, moderate parenting.

The Dems can't die fast enough for me.


at a sight near u

"All Green candidate Carl Romanelli had to do was loudly say, thanks for the money, even if it did come from supporters of an extreme right wing senator, then denounce Santorum, and detail what the Green Party is about. He could have done the whole thing in 2-3 sentences and given the media focus he briefly had, those comments would have gone nationwide. But instead he mumbled golly shucks, I guess the Republicans respect my views. No they don’t, Carl. They loathe your views. Lord, what a politically inept dimbulb."

that sez it all

that sez it all

It does ?

Oh, yes. If he'd only done that, the Kozzies would all be hoisting him upon their generous shoulders and singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" while roses fell from the sky.

I've seen Kozzies and Kozzie-Lites snub enough legitimate Green candidates around the country to know straw-clutching when I see it, Thanks. After years of using legal abortion as a club to beat progressive women back into their fold, they shamelessly annoint an anti-choice candidate in PA and dare anyone to stop them. Now they insult my intelligence further by whining about one Green. To these assholes, there is no such thing as a legitimate 3rd Party candidate and there never will be. It's really that simple. If you've developed an eye for manipulators, that is...

js paine:

sorry didn't mean to step on a corn mz x

seemed like a sensible
of an efective
response to me

a wacking of the donk
would only clutter the messsage and insure its non broadcast

i like the defiant air
it hurls toward both"major" parties

of course
the actual dripnik candidate
didn't say anything
of the sort though did he

a missed moment

butat any rate
imo not
a chance to kos wack

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