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Took the words out of my mouth

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday August 1, 2006 07:46 AM

Reechard writes:
As Saving Private Lieberman heads into the third act, my schadenfreude is a-tingle.

Does Lamont lose and do Kosniks thus find themselves relieved of their fun by way of Clintonerectomy?

Does Lieberman poll slippage lead to the greater fx-travaganza of a Dembones HQ sneak attack upon Lamont--some 11th-hour heartbreaker about a spreadsheet or boy scout--that grants Joe new gusto for the final slouch toward Bethlehem?

And what of a Lamont primary win that only leads bitterly to an election loss against a "reluctantly" indy-labeled Liebs, who rides his unchosen exile to a resounding victory with GOP votes and then promptly seeks restoration as a Dembones, his betrayal-within-a-betrayal giving the whole thing a Jacobean twist capable of further splitting the party's somnambulists from its heavy snorers?

Hoping for the unhappiest ending, but as always I don't know how much I dare dream.

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The sceeeeeeeeeeeeery thing is that JoLi may very well win as an indie and have no trouble at all kissing and making up with the Dems...and somehow I see this as an event that would strengthen the "centrists" by illustrating the futility of challanges.

js paine:

paul c

keep your mind at ease

let the deal work
its way through

options exist either wise

if the DLC-istas --
i'm sure there's a better label but.. -- prevail
then be assured
newparty time talk
will become
every one's toy notion
everyone left of the hacks
at least

and even they will flock over too
party over principle
like this grand guignol
of donk heads for joe
has its limits
shameless opportunists need to win more then
anyone ...right

if the left cheek of the base just stops voting
for the lesser E ....
then the lesser E loses
that one too many times

and after all
that simply requires
us in the base
to prove
to enough of ourselves
that today's donk party
is far worse then
just superfluous
its the main evil
the enabling evil
the mommy dearest wife
mr Reprobate T Repug
of the he-guy party .....

one way or the other
the present twosome
will be broken up
in a couple / four
cycles ....at most

you just need to think like
the undead think

who knows ...

maybe these devitalizing "centrists"
end up overthrown
and hideously humiliated
like the mid 60's dixiecrats were
or the goldcrats of the mid 90's

then again
maybe we're
JUST headed
around the loop one more time

but i think not
i think we're
'goin to Jackson '
after all...

so we'll see what we see

do we go to jackson
or just
like last and least
to mcgovernism
from here ??

the real WING DING
a delayed fuse
yet another
' unreal man '
type string along

Dare to dream, Reechard! Let Lamont win the primary and then lose to an independent Lieberman run. That's about the worst thing that could happen to the Kosniki androids.

Arthur Gilroy:

Lamont wins primary, loses to Loverman Indie in election. Things progress as they must; Loverman and MarkOfCain run for Vice + Pres on whatever ticket survives the next two years of fuckups.

Win. too.

Glad to be an American.

The path of blame.

Fucking crytal ball is getting to be a pain in the ass. Yo, Sorcerer!!! How do I turn this goddamned thing off!!!???


Do the votes get counted accurately in this little tete-a-tete ?

If there is even the slightest hint that they were not counted acurately, will there be an in-house, public/on-line bloodletting the likes of which we've never before seen ?

Ah, but I kid the Kozzies. :/

js paine:

if lieb wins the primary
we'll get a chance to org a boycott
of the general

the massive stop me
will leap into motion

and do
its level best
to pre empt
left/lib voters from voting donk

a draft line proposal

turn out
there's gotta be some one worth while to vote for
but leave that
senate race blank

or vote for
some third party goodnik


Hey, how come the Green senatorial candidate in Pa. is completely funded by Republicans?


Short term thinking. Republicans are very much like Democrats that way.

Hey, how come the Green senatorial candidate in Pa. is completely funded by Republicans?

Errr... because so-called pwogs won't give Greens the time of day ? Ever ?

Or maybe a crafty cabal of pro-choice Republicans are seeking to cut the legs out from under their own fetus-worshipping bosses ? After all, if they want to vote for a pro-choice candidate, there's only one in the race, remember ?

Or maybe it's just an elaborate plot to annoy you.

Add your own, Folks. I'm tired.

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