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A new caucus: Dems for Torture

By Michael J. Smith on Friday September 29, 2006 01:34 PM

From J Alva Scruggs:
House and Senate Votes on Torture Bill

Senate: 12 Dems out of 65 yeas


House: 34 proud Dems out of 254 yeas


The Dems caved in a major way. They couldn't even get it together for a statement of principle.

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fatted calf:

torture caucus...please
what would the hotel hanoi candidate
if toprture seeped thru this
clean up bill

my suggestion:

the forfeited rights abridgement caucus

Eh. We don't need us no Hay-bee-us Corpus. Now pass the porkrinds Skeeter, Survivor Island is on...


Once again, since the party had no way to win (didnt have enough votes for filibuster)every individual was allowed to vote the way they thought would keep them in office. So the dems in close races voted yea, while the presidential "aspirants" voted nay. Principal is a luxury for those in power. That seems to be their theory.

js paine:

they did have enough votes

on a party line basis more then enough
41 out 0f 45 to sustain a" fillee"

but i share father smiffs view the "fillee"
is an inherently un democratic "right"

useful for re actionary minorities only

to me
the donks should have gone down fighting
it as a unity party

and threatened to toss
any one out of the caucus who didn't

but as bobw sez
these are the winning is everything folks

and if you're a soup hound
winning is everything

btw obviously
this law will be harder to repeal
then it would have been to block

but some day if we the people
get a party willing to fight

but hell
its not the end of everything
we love about our
sacred founding compact

that enlightened
state of grace
myth is just bad booze

as garrison said

our constitution
"was conceived in sin
and not redeemed there after
by any of its amendations"

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