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Squirrel kisses poodle

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 27, 2006 03:52 PM

J Alva Scruggs calls our attention to what must be one of the smarmiest, treacliest, most saccharine artificial-cherry-flavor items ever to appear under the aegis of the BBC:
Former President Clinton.... stood before the Labour conference to offer some gentle, brotherly advice....

"It can change quickly," he [said]. Just look at the US where, he said, so many of the economic advances made under his watch were being undone by his successor George Bush's Republican administration. Here, standing right in front of them was a man many of them consider one of their own....

Perhaps this is what [Blair] has in mind when he finally closes the door of No 10. A Blair Foundation, perhaps even a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation. The world, not just Great Britain, would be his project. ... Bigger challenges beckon. And the promise of continuing special close trans-Atlantic relationships.

Sick-making, as our Brit cousins might say.

Oh, and what was that bit about "economic advances" on Clinton's watch? I must have missed that.

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I'd almost rather see ex-Presidents working at some lobbying group, than this senior statesman stuff. They shouldnt be allowed to burnish up their standing with history after they've botched it when in office.

js paine:

what's this

rubber bill day ???

MJS, the smart money went into privatized prisons and refloating important businesses. That's what they mean.

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