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The green machine

By Owen Paine on Tuesday September 19, 2006 02:10 PM

Is the electorate unconciously yearning for a man on a green donkey?

Al Gore must think so behold his Greening of America plan.

Hey, I'm no mean green dancing extreme, but if I was a pragmatic vote-seeking vacuum like big Al, I might figure this is one popular crusade the trans-nats might get on board.

A dove to empire?

Single payer medical?

Class warrior?
Double nope.

Deficit daddy?

Mistah green bloomer?
Yeah, baby, yeah!

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Gore's carbon offset scam is as fat a load of greenwash as has ever been spattered on huckstering beltway political hack in the vain effort to make him look environmentally conscious. Only democrat androids and the hopelessly schaivo are buying this bullhockey. Check out SinksWatch for the real poop on the carbon trade boondoggle.

js paine:

so alan
i guess you ARE
a mean green dancing extreme

J. Alva Scruggs:

I bought a methane offset from Al. Was I robbed?

Here's a very interesting article about Global Warming.

I thought you might like it, you can read it at below link.


Get involved today!


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