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By Owen Paine on Saturday September 30, 2006 01:48 PM

Here's a quote found on the "Democratic Underground" site -- and how I wish these cadaverish liberal remnants were underground, six feet underground. The writer shares Father Smiff's dismay at Sherrod Brown voting for torture:
You go on voting for people [like Brown -- JSP] who have legitimized torture and the breakdown of our constitution, and encouraging others to vote for them too. And when the descent into fascism becomes so obvious that you can no longer pretend it isn't happening, you have no right to wonder how we got there, because you helped it happen. You are responsible.
You know, I just can't get very worked up about this issue. Who's kidding who here? It's like finally getting around to passing the Nuremberg Laws in, oh, 1944. Whenever our rulers have needed to traduce our fundemental civil rights on a mass scale, they've managed to get along pretty well before this.
  • 1942 -- Japanese-American citizen internment
  • 1919 -- Mass deportations of "undesirable" citizens, and and last but not least,
  • 1876 -- Jim Crow begins his 90-year dance.

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It was just a matter of time, eh?

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