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Gridlock, the American palladium

By Owen Paine on Tuesday October 31, 2006 09:01 PM

So as we are about to whirl up into the ozone in next Tuesday's ballot box tornado, I'm asking myself just who exactly is it -- if anyone -- that needs this rainbow-hued Donk congress?

Well, according to one big-horned life-long repug musk ox named Bruce Bartlett, it's the genuine conservatives round here who do. In fact, Bruce claims not only do they need it, they need it bad.

Yes, for the first time in his life, this tin hat babbitoid stoic is pulling the jackass lever.

To create what?

Answer: "gridlock".

Yes, gridlock, that supreme gift of our divided gubmint; gridlock, the agency of our paralysis of the status quo, potentially as operative today as it was drafted up to be by our solomonic band of founding slaveholders.

Before I sum up I'd like you to review the donks' role in Father Sublime's infamous metaphysical conceit, "the ratchet." Notice, gridlocking is job one -- providing a holding action while the repugs regroup, pull themselves back to reality, and marshal their forces for the next onslaught against Mr and Mrs Dim Prospect.

Bartlett's actually off by a whole level of concreteness here. Its not the hunnish stone-fingered clowns from Cato and company -- their perch above the fray is perennially theirs. No, the dire need for change of Hill power comes actually from the Machiavels of the GOP itself, who I'm certain all know in their deepest gut that only a donk congress can rescue their "beautiful little system" from itself.

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