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Mom and apple pie and...

By Owen Paine on Monday October 16, 2006 01:02 PM

Here's a real meatball: "energy independence."

In a recent Tom Friedman piece, we find James Carville: "Energy independence.... It's now the No. 1 national security issue." A donk pollster adds, "people are... expressing this view because ... our oil dependence is fueling a host of really bad national security problems."

Carville again: "It can't just be that we are for a woman's right to choose, and education and energy independence. This is the thing we need to get done above and beyond everything else... energy security. It's not something to add to the stew -- this is the stock." For the record : energy independence is the anti-imperialism of fools.

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To be shure, JSPaine.

Beltway enviros + James Woolsey = "geo-greens"

Strange bedfellows = corporate welfare for
Cargill ethanol distilleries

Distressingly, a lot of chartreuse-pink types sign on to this slop. I have witnessed the "EI" buzzword casually slip from the tongue of Michael Klare, for example.

As if the US hydrocarbon habit is the fundamental driver of US imperialism.

As if the causal arrow ain't reversed... or something like that.

The return of the... gluelicker.

Tohoku region, Japan

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