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In case of emergency, break wind

By Owen Paine on Wednesday October 25, 2006 09:09 PM

Could there be a better label for a prog tank today than the Frameworks Institute?

They probed the millions of "serialized" American undersoul fragments, and I bet you all can anticipate their laff-riot "findings".

  1. Americans' views of government are missing two key ingredients: a concrete understanding of what government is and does, and a ready sense of the mission of government why it exists and what differentiates it.
  2. ...two coherent, but opposing, mindsets -- Americans view themselves in relation to government: as a consumer or as a citizen.
Problem: the body politic is heavy on consumer mind-sets -- and they're sour, dissatisfied consumers at that.

Solution: re-frame their head. Move their mind-sets en masse to citizenship by Avoiding portraying government as a laundry list of services that individuals 'buy' with their tax dollar.... Emphasizing our shared responsibility to maintain the public structures, services and programs that create our quality of life. Of course there are details, and some cheery rah-rah, but I'll leave the full dive into its stoogeanna for any unplanned Defcon 13 boredom alert. Only in the idlest of idle hours can this sort of bog air not retard the flight of even a fairly dull mind's arrow.

Let's hope you don't get there this week. Next week we'll have a new def13 special.

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