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No sex, please, we're Democrats

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 19, 2006 06:55 AM

J Alva Scruggs writes:
No, this is not a tasteless joke, MJS. There really is a Democrat named Fred Head and he really is off the deep end. Even better, he's running for comptroller of Texas.


The liberal blogs are buzzing about his attempt at damage control through sockpuppetry, in which he makes things worse for himself. I'm glad they can take a stand against sockpuppetry. Next, they might wish to revisit and revise their support for candidates who like wars of aggression and neoliberal fundamentalism.

Seems that Susan Combs, Fred's Republican opponent, some years back, wrote a bodice-ripper novel with a couple of better-than-average sex scenes in it (thoughtfully reproduced on Fred's Web site at the URL above). Fred's pretty indignant. Allow me to give y'all some Head (sorry, I couldn't resist):
Susan Combs has shown no remorse and made no apology for writing her pornographic book. Fred Head hereby challenges Susan Combs to fully explain to the People of Texas why she wrote a pornographic book, apologize to the People and withdraw from the race for Comptroller of Public Accounts.

At a recent Editorial Board Interview with a Newspaper, attended by Susan Combs and her opponents, Susan Combs was asked about her pornographic book and she said.

I wrote the book nineteen years ago. I received lots of congratulatory letters. I've served with distinction. I'm sad that the book company is out of business because I won't get any more royalties.

Susan Combs' above stated comments to this Newspaper Editorial Board were arrogant and completely out of touch with the main stream Christian Values that the People of Texas love and live by each day.

Combs' intertwined limbs and heavy breathing make for a much better read than our righteous donk's Capital Letters.

Pelion upon Ossa dept.: The Kosniks, who are nothing if not loyal, are compounding the comedy by defending Head (the person, I mean, not the practice). Here is a Kosnik who styles him/herself Queer Texan:

Her Democratic opponent calls her a pornography writer -- but, who is this woman who writes steamy romance novels in spite of the Texas GOP's super-Christian platform?

...She wouldn't have a problem (and considering the blessed "R" behind her name, she may never) except that her opponent, Fred Head (the Democrat) keeps reminding future voters of Ms. Combs past accomplishments: writing steamy pulp-romance novels.

... To give her some credit, Mr. Head does go a little overboard by calling her a pornographic writer, but his criticism does point at some hypocricy in her campaign. ...She's running as a Republican, the same party of a Governor that defended Texas archaic sodomy laws as "protecting families;" a party whose platform for 2006 includes repealing a woman's right to reproductive freedom (not limiting - repealing), recriminalizing gay intimacy, [etc. --ed.]

... Considering the righteous company she keeps, what is it exactly that Ms. Combs writes about?

"I can't hold back any longer," he groanded and then was inside her, the heat and slickness of her welcoming body almost pushing him over the edge. Ross stiffened on his elbows and bent his head, searching for control. Emily surged up to meet him, sealing him tighter within her, and he began to move, his arms holding her tightly, his breath coming in great gasps.
With a party that governs by the principle of WWJD, we have to remember -- I guess -- that it only applies to WOPD (what other people do). Hypocrisy indeed.
I think we must have a better class of queers here in New York.

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she is good.
i know i have read some.
i probably like to read more.

js paine:

and just what exactly
does this have to do with nancy pelosi
and mother clinton ???

did i miss the connection ???

you sophomoric weasilzzz
is this fun-tooning

j alva
doc benway is waiting for you
in op room 17


=v= "He began to move." How, um, moving.

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