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Spank the donkey

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 5, 2006 04:24 AM

Reechard writes:

Can Dem blogging grow hair on your palms? Newly designated as "mature" content by SmartFilter internet censor software, Kos and his polymorphously centrist flock are claiming they're being unfairly lumped in with porn merchants.

Fears of a "Kos Blackout" at companies utilizing these filters have the party hearties bewailing being able to access Limbaugh and Drudge from their work machines but not the truly sweaty stuff they've come to depend on as a substitute for real intimacy. "I don't know what I would do," writes one KOSser in withdrawal, "if I couldn't access during the day."

Ironically, one of Bill Clinton's last deeds before leaving office was signing the Children's Internet Protection Act, which lifted the fortunes of censorware makers like SmartFilter by forcing their products on libraries receiving federal funds.

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"Mature" is certainly inaccurate.

The "Kos Blackout" may become those filters single greatest selling point.

Kos and his brethren have certainly done an effective blackout against 3rd party candidates, and they did it without the help of a filter !! Maybe they could make that into a slogan !

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