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Stop the presses

By Michael J. Smith on Monday October 30, 2006 02:02 PM

Alan Smithee writes:
Just when I though I was beyond being surprised by our corporate media, I'm smacked upside the head with a one-two punch, as both the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times somehow let slip a rare moment of honesty. First a right hook from the SF Chronicle:

Dems face a tug-of-war in own tent

"The new Democratic majority, should it occur, will consist of a fresh crop of moderate and conservative members whose elections will have been won in part by distancing themselves from the party's progressive wing."

Katie-bar-the-door! How did that make it past the editor? No doubt Rahm has already called a half dozen of his favorite attack poodles to verbally flay the skin off the managing editor for letting that get out.

And then a left uppercut from the NYT:

In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right

“My guess is that if Democrats are in the majority, it’s going to be because of these New Democrat, Blue Dog candidates out there winning in these competitive swing districts,” Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin, co-chairman of a caucus of centrist House Democrats, said in an interview."

Whoa! The NYT managed to rouse itself from it's enchanted slumber long enough to notice this new crop of democrats might be a wee bit conservative? What's next? An expose on the link between smoking and cancer? The mind boggles!

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