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The kids may be all right, but fuck 'em anyway

By Michael J. Smith on Friday October 6, 2006 12:35 PM

Thus Nancy Pelosi:
In recent days, Pelosi said, [the Democrats'] prospects have improved by the discovery that former Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida had sent sexually explicit computer messages to teenage male pages....

"It's an opportunity for growth among women" for the Democrats, she said. "They don't always vote and this could be a motivation."

With married women, in particular, it's a huge issue, she added.

Among older voters, too. "If there's an ethical issue, seniors take a hike" and abandon politicians they blame, she said. "If we hold onto seniors we win the election."

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J. Alva Scruggs:

I don't get it. Is she suggesting that seniors and married women should be molested too? I'd have thought oneupsmanship can be taken only so far. On the other hand, that does show an interest in bipartisan accommodations.


If, as you surmise J., seniors are to be molested too, send Nancy my way. I’m a senior (male). She can molest me to her heart’s content. Or mine. Whichever comes first. But I still won’t vote Democratic any more.

No no. I think Pelosi is advocating that seniors molest other people...maybe married women. Or that married women molest seniors? No, wait...I think she means to say that seniors and married women should molest kids on-line. Or something to that effect.

js paine:

nancy is spoken for sorry gents ...

perhaps u all
might consider molesting
something a bit more tangy

tiny town's own ....joe lieberman

or for a more cryptic adventure

baron lantos of munchhausen

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