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Discipline and punish

By Owen Paine on Wednesday November 8, 2006 01:13 PM

Some very big talk today from Chris Bowers at mydd.com:
A big thank you goes out to every Democrat who didn't run against the Democratic Party in this election cycle. Those who stuck with us can share in the spoils. Those who didn't can stick it, and expect continuing retribution. The Democratic Party won tonight. If you ran from it, then you lost. Even if you didn't lose today, you loss is coming soon. Count on it.

And now, we govern.

So Chris is going to be kicking ass and taking names -- when he's not "governing."

Hey, skipper, hand happy-clappy meatball here the kid's seat with the dummy steering wheel.

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Oh, gosh. I can "stick it." Whatever happened to the "we'll-have-time-for-you-smelly-Green-heathens-after-we-secure-victory" pose ?

[Fans self.]

I'm shocked, simply shocked at this revelation, I must say. Why, if I'd actually been stupid enough to vote for any Democrat again in this sorry-ass race, I'd be telling that dreadful, traitorous Chris fellow just what I think of his bad manners. Mercy me ! Fetch the smelling salts, somebody !!

Looks like Bowers has fallen into full blown gonzo pwoggie delusions of godhead. Can KO$ be far behind?

js paine:

hey chris there's an open slot over at DOD

js paine:

kos is holding out for co prez
in charge of the future
in the gubmint of national unity
the dems will force on the crawford bunk house
in a couple of days

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