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Dream no small dreams

By Michael J. Smith on Monday November 27, 2006 06:07 PM

Here's The Nation's latest brainstorm, from no less an authority than Katrina van den Heuvel:
After progressive victories across the nation on Election Day... two things are clear: the American public is much more receptive to progressive ideas than suggested by the media, and the conservative movement is in disarray.... [H]ere's a modest proposal: perhaps it's time for the paper of record to create a beat on the progressive movement.
In other words, Katrina is calling the New York Times to order.

Where to start? Well, what about those "progressive victories"? Whom does Katrina have in mind? There were certainly some Democratic victories -- but Katrina is not dumb; she knows that's not the same thing.

But more to the point -- why in the name of all that's holy would a smart person like Katrina waste any time advising the New York Times?

Where to start? -- I know I keep saying this. But really. Does Katrina think that 43d Street is a strategic objective? If Aunt Sadie decides the "progressive" movement is a "beat"-- then we've arrived?

These pwogs. How they crave respectability.

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But more to the point -- why in the name of all that's holy would a smart person like Katrina waste any time advising the New York Times?

Jeez, Smiff, I couldn't tell ya that; my brain is still hurting from hearing -- in my 7am half-dreaming REM state -- Matt Lauer informing me that after about a year, year and a half of it being obvious to everyone and their dog, NBC has decided to show us what nice folks they really are and admit on the air that yes, what's going on in Iraq actually is, in fact, a civil war. Hell, I'm surprised they didn't follow that with Meredith Fiera in fake wings and a tu-tu flitting in like Tinker Bell on the old Disney Show, tapping a big map of Iraq with her magic wand and, with little pixie sparkles and tinkly-bell sounds, cheerfully chirping to us, "OK, it's a civil war now!"

So, sorry if I can't answer the question about Katrina VdH. advising the NYT; I'm still too busy digesting this morning's blast of weird-assed imperious arrogance from NBC to think about what Katrina VdH writes to the NYT -- and apparently from the deck of one of those cushy Alaskan Fjord cruises: "As I was just remarking to my comrade Michael Moore over a glass of Pinot this evening..."

Like any faith-based cult worth it's ritual salt, what the pwoggies crave most is reinforcement. As individual pwogs begin to realize that the 'progressive landslide victory of the millennium' is so much Potemkin village fluffery, pwoggie leaders like Katrina will become increasingly desperate to keep the beautiful dream going. What better vehicle to reinforce the pwoggie delusion than the hideously respectable New York Times? (After all, the NYT would never lie to us. Heaven's no!)

js paine:

by co inky dink
i just got this cryptogram from my older brother...

do ya recall 'criss cross' jaybo ???
u know
the Hitchmeistwr's "strangers on a train ??

i think this new waltz
down in the district
between the progs and pop eyes
is headed for a loony
prog "criss cross " proposition

and just like in that classic movie
it'll be met with
hair starting up
shock and nausea
by the poor designated pop eye bastard

hear him chew it ???

"fuckin creepy man ..."

as usual
i'll say no more at this point

yours in solidarity bro

royal paine


Please, sleet, baseball-sized hail, 100-year tsunami, rabid bat infestation, anything to spare us the dully earnest prose of a John Nichols clone.

royal paine:

this is senior nichols
pwoggy bot-tumer :

"Americans have used their franchise to temper a regal presidency, and the prospect of a more realistic and humane future appears to be in the offering"

"offering" ...wild world of words
imps can slip ya the beezo

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