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Gollum redivivus

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday November 7, 2006 10:59 PM

J Alva Scruggs writes:


Lieberman beat Lamont.

"In a remarkable comeback, Sen. Joe Lieberman won a new term in Connecticut -- dispatching Ned Lamont and winning when it counted most against the man who prevailed in a summertime primary. Lieberman ran as an independent, but will side with the Democrats when he returns to Washington."
He certainly will side with them, with that unctuous style of his, that insufferable sanctimony and those loathsome warmongering ways. The worst of a bad lot and he pulled a victory, thanks in no small part to the cretinous senior Democrats. I expect the Kossacks will complete the descent into brain dead wingnuts now. Learning from this wouldn't be Lakoffian.

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Can't wait for the Kosniki shucking and jiving about this one. It'll be the best show since Busby Berkeley.

The Kozzies will doubtless be upset if Joey throws a tantrum and decides to cross over, Jeffords style. But I don't know why. Sensible people would be happy to have him officially on the other side. Then again, when was the last time that "Kozzie" and "sensible" could be reasonably uttered in the same sentence ?

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