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Hysteria vs. hysteria

By Michael J. Smith on Friday November 3, 2006 01:13 PM

We wuz robbed, and will be again -- it's a great theme for the Democrats, and the introduction of Diebold voting machines has poured much kerosene on the flames. They've been hacked, or they will be hacked, and the Dems will be robbed again -- because theft, of course, is the only conceivable reason why they keep losing.

The contradictions of this mentality are inexhaustibly fascinating. The game is rigged -- but, but! it's nevertheless vital to keep playing. Here's a characteristic specimen of this Sisyphean logic:

Don't Let "Hackable" Diebold Machines Give You A "What's The Use In Voting" Mindset

There are many who think that an Administration who has lied to us about WMD is perfectly capable of launching massive "stolen election" initiatives. I mean, this Administration hasn't exactly been trustworthy with us, and for some who feel the most passionate about this lack of trust to envision all sorts of Rovian-Dieboldian conspiracies doesn't take a huge leap of faith....

[But] I seek to counterbalance the notion from some of my friends - and maybe some of yours too - that "the vote will be rigged anyway, so why bother?"

...Enough of this "what's the use" toxin, and the Republicans could remain in control of one or both chambers.... [W]hat "could" happen-voting machines hacked without a trace - [doesn't] necessarily mean it "has" or "will" happen.

What I implore you to think about instead is what definitely will happen if you sit this one out, and we get two more years of an Bush Administration unchecked with a counterveiling balance.

May I have a drum roll please ... Now everybody try to guess what the big threat is going to be... right the first time!
The Senate confirms Supreme Court justices, the oldest sitting justice is the most liberal, and we're only one to-be-nominated Supreme Court Justice away.... Do you really want your "what's the use" meme to result in a Supreme Court that makes a decision that leads to coat hangers and back-alley abortions?

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Yeah! The dems will filibuster just like when they stopped the Alito nom! Sure they will! Prove they won't!

J. Alva Scruggs:

Too late to cry wolf. The time for this alarm to go off years ago. Speaking of which, I notice John Conyers is still persona semi-grata in Democratic circles, that evil database companies still determine voter eligibility and that the party has taken no steps to prevent disenfranchisement. These hackable machine stories magically popped up just in time for a little emotional blackmail. There was a lot of big talk about ensuring their integrity back in 2004, but the Democrats quickly swept it under the rug.

I am positive there will be numerous attempts at fraud this year, numerous "irregularities" and the same big talk, followed by eager capitulation.

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