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John Kerry, November Surprise

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday November 1, 2006 10:34 PM

J Alva writes:



Kerry says sorry for 'botched joke' on Iraq
By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Democratic Sen. John Kerry said on Wednesday he was sorry for a "botched joke" about Iraq, but Republicans and some Democrats demanded he apologize directly to U.S. troops as a bitter fight for control of Congress entered the final stretch.

Kerry canceled campaign appearances for Democratic candidates in three states to avoid becoming a distraction. He said his remarks to a college crowd in California were aimed at President George W. Bush and his Iraq policies, not the military.

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I don't what you make of my theory that Democrats deliberately demoralize their constituents, and I'd be willing to concede that they're just such awful people that they can't help themselves. But I do think they cultivate an inability to learn.

MJS observes:

Kerry's fluffed line was clearly a Freudian slip. He -- and everybody who will pull the donk lever next week -- does in fact believe that if you don't work, study, get ahead, and do OK on your SATs, you'll get the end of the stick that smells -- and deserve it, too, though they don't like to come right out and say so.

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Jesus Reyes:

His statement applies to a very high percentage of the right wingers making this an issue who avoided Vietnam by virtue of "educational deferrments". Everyone from that generation knows exactly how the system was gamed. The NG's in Iraq know exactly who is gaming the system this time around. Apologizing to Rove, my ass!!! F**k this Herman Munster idiot.

When I first heard this "news", I didn't think much of it as I first saw it on the Drudge Report where, as we all know, whenever Barbra Streisand curses onstage, Matt Drudge posts it as a huge banner headline at the top of the page with that goddamn' stupid animated flashing police light over it. I use a sort of reverse-significance system of judging which stories are important, and which stories are bullshit (and, by extension, which stories will lead off the top of the show on NBC "Today") by seeing what stories Matt Drudge makes the biggest deal out of.

Of course, the Dear Wife goes totally out of her head, bitching about how pulling this shit less than a week away from the "election" is going to hurt the Democrats' chances.

Once I was sure the DW had calmed down sufficiently enough, I tactfully reminded her of how Amerika is building its military via the "poverty draft" -- under which all those kids living in ghettoes or poor rural areas, with little education, no skills and no prospects are targeted by recruiters and encouraged to "enlist" as if it were voluntary when, actually, the military is the last hope for said kids with poor education, no skills, no jobs, no prospects.

Normally, I really hate it when some public figure actually speaks some plain truth and then allows himself to be bullied into "apologizing", but in this case, Senator Lurch* accidentally torpedoing his own metaphorical Swift Boat and endangering the DP just puts a big, fat smile on my face. Needless to say, I don't mention this to the DW, who's counting on the DP to "win" and preserve her patronage in EPA management until she can retire in a few years.

*So, you think he's Herman Munster, huh? As for me, I always thought that if Kerry had "won", the President's official entrance music would've been changed from "Hail To The Chief" to the "Addams Family Theme". Couldn't you just see President Kerry coming out into the Rose Garden to the sound of "da da da dumm, snap, snap, da da da dum, snap snap...da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dumm, snap snap..."

js paine:

john kerry is the heart and soul of the present generation of Dem pols of distinction

"elitest oblige "
at some point
always trips over itself

kerry timed this one perfectly

if he'd been talking to those who had made the "life choices" he was warning against
he'd not have said what he said

but thew New Dem swinger strateeeegery
requires pandering to the lower echelons
of the great middle klass
those who play by the rules
and finish off
the leader board

john needs to hang with some
hill billy drop outs
guys that
signed up
didn't get plugged
not walt whitman's
types wheeling around
at the VA

but guys lookin back at their best
and forward to "a darkness visible "

then his soul would bloom

i know he ain't so bad
inside that merit sadism
beats another better heart

he's just ambitious and privileged
so he
" can't get down "
and stay down
he keeps floating back up
to where his silver ass hole
can do the talkin for him

It's really touching how these DLC fuckwits never actually have time to apologize to the underlings they're screwing, because they're too busy apologizing to their fellows across the aisle. The fact that pathetic jerks like Kerry are what the average pwog thinks of as a "viable" candidate just depresses me no end.

I have no real gripe with the average soldier per se, but I have to say that I'm fucking sick and tired of hearing that they need to be protected 24/7 from any verbal impugning of their careers or they'll crumble like saltines, taking us all with them. And when they go, it's our fault because we were so meeeeean, not the fault of the dickheads who sent them into combat in the first place.

Seriously, what subculture in American life today hasn't come in for routine drubbings and assaults on its character from roving squads of rich assholes or the merely ill-informed: Let's see: Welfare mothers, public employees, the unemployed, random brown folks legally in the country or otherwise, petty felons capriciously thrown off the voting rolls, anyone naive/hopeful enough to get a college degree that they knew could never make them into Gates within ten years... really, the list is endless. Let the goddamn troops take their lumps, too. They may be under more pressure than the rest but they also perpetrate a hell of a lot more damage, not to mention that the machine they are part of --however much they may not like their work-- is a bigger drain on the national budget than any/all of the other subgroups I have mentioned, or could mention.

If there lived somewhere a Demo candidate with enough guts to say that "the troops" don't need any support other than a call for immediate withdrawal and plenty of decent care when they got back --and then refused flat-out to apologize to anyone-- I might actually have to vote for him or her. This despite my vow to never vote DP again. Luckily, the chances of such a Democrat existing are right up there with my chances of winning at Powerball, so I'm not going to worry.

Oh, and I hope everyone else is as excited as I am that Cindy Sheehan is valiantly toiling for the PDA these days. Nowadays you don't have to scratch a liar to find a thief. You merely have to find anyone with any real principles at all, give it ten minutes, and the liars and thieves will be around to strip them of all prinicple in exchange for a modest check or two. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say "check ?" I meant "appeal to the common good," or "long-term goals," or... something.


js paine:

nice to see an at length report
coming out of u ville

as to
our boots in iraq:

"I'm fucking sick and tired of hearing that they need to be protected 24/7 from any verbal impugning of their careers or they'll crumble like saltines, taking us all with them."

so am i and so would be they
themselves too
if their relatives
didn't need the magic eggs they
pretend to lay

blame nott the troopers
this slobber is aimed at the bulk
of non combatant troop pin up humpers
and other such
virtual camp followers

tapping latent loser klass fury
is a very coy game

played since r nixon/ g wallace
by panderers of
the popular radio right

for myself as self appointed
commisar of kulack whitey wagester agitprop

i figure
these bastards klass baiters
are playing
an old eskimo trick
on themselves

feeding the pleb masses
lumps of raw yuppie meat
they swallow whole
only builds the class hate
these lumps
have sharp as shit
imbedded prole
sea shell fragments
in em
rip at their guts

some day they may explode

even the brown shirts
can get out of hand
and will need
to be de-capitated

Don't insult Herman Munster by comparing him to John Kerry.

Note that when Herman Munster makes a dumbass mistake, he looks a bit flumoxed at first, but then he actually realizes he should get on with life and enjoy it.


Also note that John Kerry could never enter a room with this kind of panache.



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