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Let the handwringing begin...

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday November 16, 2006 04:19 PM

... and who better to kick it off than David Corn?
Murtha Loses--And So Does Pelosi

The vote count is in: Steny Hoyer defeated Jack Murtha 149 to 86 for the majority leader post in the House.

There's no way to spin this: this was a big loss for incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The vote wasn't close. Her ally was rejected....

Moreover, Murtha, the candidate with the most ardent antiwar credentials, lost--and did so decisively. How will this be interpreted (or exploited) by pundits and politicos who oppose the Pelosi/Murtha call for the withdrawal of troops? Murtha champions did try to turn the majority leader race into a debate on the Iraq war. Can the vote be read as an indicator that many House Democrats don't support Pelosi all the way on her opposition to the war?

Can it, David? Do you have to ask?

For that matter, Pelosi's own "opposition to the war" has always had a flimsy, pro-forma look to me, and I'm not convinced that she really went balls-to-the-wall for Murtha, either. Call me hypersuspicious and paranoid, but this whole shadow-play looks a lot like Nancy setting up a proactive "hey, I tried" defense.

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Just a quick peek at OpenSecrets.Org reveals Pelosi to the the Representative from Lockheed. She was banking on getting Murtha's Airwar Plan into gear to benefit several of her major donors. (Ground wars are sooo unprofitable, dontchaknow.) So David "DNC Shill" Corn is right, just in a wrong way. As usual.

js paine:

horse shit

defeat for THE NAN ???


bela just marked paid
on a personal

yes steny and the madame are not chek by jopwl
not in the least..

this was not a to the mattresses operation


the same old TARTS are running the pantry

this was nothing but pro forma work out

i'm sure our lady of the bay
knew murtha was dead meat before she wrote the endorsing letter

if it had been close she would have stsayed private and applied muscle where it might have tipped the scales

is there are real question here?


is speaker pelosi
anything real
or just a useful figment
to hurl at on coming prog illusionaires

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