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Nan vs. Nancy

By Owen Paine on Monday November 20, 2006 12:46 PM

Call 'em Nan and Nancy. Nan is the next speaker of the US House, whereas Nancy is the rep from Frisco. Question of the hour: has speaker-elect Nan's real politick nicely provided double duty cover for Nancy?

Believe the tower press and you'd figure that Nancy, this "embattled" crusader for mideast peace, has already suffered crippling loses to the Rahm and Steny show, But really, folks do you buy this gig? Is this fierce little party chieftain really lashed by her colleagues, a lady Prometheus, to the rock of Iraq? Will her liver be pecked at mercilessly by dembo hawks for all of the next two years, as the Baghdad blood and sand patrol just continues its slow drift to nowhere?

Or has the ever level-headed, ravenously ambitious, tough as a cactus snake speaker of the house Nan Francisco just made it seem as though this is the "real story" -- to make her gay and dovey home district still warm and friendfull for little Nancy of the thousand smiles, while Nan of a hundred deals peddles her soul over and over to the empire?

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Gak! That single picture is scarier than any of the 8 horror pics I saw this weekend. Even his tie is scary! And what's that on his head? Some kind of packing material? Yipe!

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