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The Rangel wrangle

By Owen Paine on Tuesday November 28, 2006 12:59 PM

Katrina is agin' the great Charlie "Horse" Rangel draft revival. Whooopee. Amazing how these proggle rocks can cast themselves into the stupidest diversionary sand traps.

We need to never-again this gig -- not ramp up a citizen army to "defer" the next shootin' visit to a neighboring nation. The House needs to investigate hidden motives for the Iraq-scapade, and its spreading pool of overt profiteering. Maybe impeach Cheney as a swag-laden buccanneer for big oil. Showcase what Uncle hath wrought. Drag out the "record" like the Church committee did in the post-Nambo 70's. Review the sorry history of gunpoint "nation building" and freedom served up "our way" -- of value transplants, kabuki elections, sub-missionary positions, and all the rest.

Besides, mates, it's a bogus argument that a lottery sample of young America needs to share the bloodshed next time, so the post-draft majority will stop our dear uncle going about the world intervening willy-nilly and with extreme prejudice. That argument implies the bulk of the sore-headed, desperate, jobbled caucasian people of America fear a scrap -- fear their kids' death and dismemberment. That's not my take, not one bit. Nascar nation is ready to rumble, ready to sacrafice, ready to let blood be drawn.

And if the gig turns sick and indefensible, full of slaughter and no glory, a volunteer army's recruitment numbers would disintegrate, and the brass hats would feel the pinch much faster then with a draft.

My guess, part of this deluded hooha is based on a false sense of what stopped the Nambo thang. It wasn't anti-draft demos: it was the boots on the ground turning against Uncle Sam's officer corps. Shooting 'em in the back, too, if necessary -- and it often was.

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Nascar nation is ready to rumble, ready to sacrafice, ready to let blood be drawn.

I can attest to that, JS! For over a decade guilt-ridden boomers and retro-nativists have been flooding the country with sepia-toned WW II "Greatest Generation" media life-style product. Soft-fingered pwoggies and knuckle-dragging conservatives have been buying this product for years, pining for the good-ol'-days when the country was united in a common blahblahblah.

No way is a puny little war like the Iraq bloodbath going to sate years of steeping in hazy-lensed slo-mo Ken Burns-style WW II nostalgia. Heck, these chicken-neck values voters won't be happy until there are scrap drives and victory gardens and every house has gold stars in the windows.


No, really. It makes sense that militarizing the entire nation, training its young people in how to kill, and dramatically increasing the potential size of the army would never be used for ill!

js paine:

i like your slick slide here
this terminationless
saps' sewer
of hallowed paens to blood and guts sacrifice
only russia out does us
with the key de gendered " home front story"
full of tight rations
and all are one
field stripping
of the soft painted indulgent
civilian world
for its scrap value

the "makings"
bullet bomb and battleship

js paine:

rowan i got nothin against armed youth

"gang we got
rakes and rifles here
choose either or both or neither"

but its strictly home guard stuff
community based
we progs agin empire
need to ponder the nice distinction
between home land security

and this crusaders fantasmagoria
if the corporate big wigshave over seas notions
then fuckin by mercenaries
on their own dime they'll
be like thatchers kid
easily punked by the globes kings of hell

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