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Too late

By Owen Paine on Friday November 10, 2006 09:37 PM

Gird your loins, lamb chop -- here comes the trumpet call for the new Jerusalem: "pressure from below." Or as our dear father and lead gruff billy goat, M J Smiff sez, "Pressure?! How the stinky hell can we pressure 'em now?"

Its a free dance for two years, on the fingers of the repugs as they cling to the cliff edge.

My battle cry: "Purge the progs!" If you caucus with Lantos and Lieberman, you are in the crosshairs of history, budzoh.

But "pressure from below?" Please, spare us the lame-duck hoochy-cooch.

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"Pressure from below?" And what exactly do the pwoggies think they're going to "pressure" their beltway masters with? Did anyone hear Bowers or Armstrong make any demands? I heard the pwoggie bloggies give their oh-so-pwogwessive candidates two free years to whatever the hell they want.

js paine:

we'll get a corruption refomulation
the moral parallel
turning not even flipping your mattress

and of course
a long long over due
a federal tail for most peoples
higher state minimum wage
(unindexed to cost of living of course)

and and and ??????

mother courage may offer recipes
for boot strap career morphings
thru military service

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