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Bush channels Feingold?

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday December 27, 2006 04:23 PM

One war, two wars, three wars, more.... The latest US proxy war, in Somalia, appears, as usual, to be a thoroughly bipartisan affair. Here's Man of Peace Russ Feingold earlier this month:
Feingold faults Bush on Somalia policy
Coleman argues 'robust strategy' needed
Associated Press

Returning from a recent trip to Africa, Sen. Russ Feingold faulted the Bush administration for what he called a failure to develop a policy on Somalia....

Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat who will lead the Senate Foreign Relations African Affairs subcommittee next year, visited Ethiopia and Kenya, two countries that neighbor Somalia, during a weeklong trip. An Islamic militia has taken over much of Somalia, including the capital, and the country's prime minister said this week his troops were bracing for war.

"The stakes are very high for us," Feingold said in a telephone interview....

Feingold warned that the militants could have an impact not just in Somalia but in the entire region....

"So this is just the kind of situation that we should be paying real attention to, instead of only obsessing about Iraq," Feingold said. "Our failure to have a policy in this area is a threat to the American people...."

Feingold seems to gotten what he asked for from Bush: a "policy", and a suitably assertive one. I only wish those Ethiopian troops were marching into Feingold's office and showing him first hand just what kind of "attention" they pay to these "threats."

My prediction: not one single Democrat in Congress will have a bad word to say for this US-sponsored bloodbath. And indeed, why should they start now?

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js paine:

feingold is a anothe in the line
Badger state practical jokes
reaching back to tail gunner joe

a false echo
in this case
not of
visceral pig ignorant pleb hate
but of popular reform
main street decency and principle

the kind
of self satisfied cheese head
you cut with a wheel knife

and i prfer the brand like joe's
that stinks to high heaven

but even among smell less cheeses

that white bread in office
to ralph nader

uncle slim fast himself

joggin bill Proxmire

The East African arms market is way way way too lucerative (almost $60 million this year in "legit" US sales alone) for either War Party to want to screw around with. So, yeah, I wouldn't expect much from dems other than the usually tut-tutting.

js paine:

as & mjs :

don't you both agree
with or without arms sales
the horn is blowing up
to a rapid boil again
because darfur is
simmering down

the main street
theatre of rabid islamic savagery
needs to be fed fresh spectacles
since b4
the mahdi did in
chinese gordon

Haven't the foggiest idea, js. Africa is such a complex tangle of competing interests it's hard to tell who the players are even with a scorecard. It's gotten a whole lot more fucked up since Stanley made his mad dash to relieve Pasha Whatsisface.

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