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Dennis the Menace

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 13, 2006 01:44 PM

Bill Kaufman writes:
Dennis Kucinich has once again announced a doomed antiwar campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Unless he vows not to support any prowar nominee of the party (and of course he will not), the whole business will amount to another charade--designed, it seems, expressly to siphon off energy from the independent progressive movement until such time as Kucinich throws in the towel and once again dutifully lines up behind the prowar nominee. Perhaps he will even earn a minor cabinet appointment in the Hillary War Machine as a reward for doing his part toward sabotaging the emergence of an independent left.

Nice job, Dennis!

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In 2003/2004 I spent many hours (and dollars) supporting Dennis. I was deeply embittered when he threw in with Kerry. So I have been wondering about his new run in 2008. Any chance he’ll bolt the Dems? Probably not. If he does, I’ll give my heart and feet to him again. If not, forget it.

As for a cabinet appointment—absolutely no way. Not a chance in hell that a Dem elected President would even consider such a thing.

js paine:

my take

dennis bolt first
pledge to run all the way
a peace now independent
in the general election

otherwise go jack off
staring at a picture
that pompous reactionary plow head
bill fulbright
see if you find
barney bernie and feingold
right there in the dark with u

You've pretty much got the Senator from Hobbiton nailed, JS. The dem leadership keep characters like Dennis around to help head off a real antiwar split-off. Pwoggie bloggies and their chicken-liver pundit friends will be slobbering over Denny until he throws in with Hillary at trails' end, by which time it'll be too late for anything but the "rah-rah team" crap we see every two years.

As the song goes: "Same as it ever was."

js paine:

i can take no credit for nailing poor dennis

the sacred father just botched his
by line prolly because my own prior post made
him groggy

"Chicken-liver." [snerk] The best undeservedly archaic swipes always escape me until it's too late.

I hate to spend hours second-guessing the motivations of everybody in the universe. Still, I gotta' wonder, did Kucinich get any prizes from the now-we-governiks for his last performance ? And if not, does that explain in any way why he's opting to do it again ?

No doubt Denny comforts himself with the old: "I can do more good one the inside than on the outside" rationalization that most chicken-livers like himself use to do justify their cowardice. It's a democratic tradition going waaaay way back.

Smithee, your presence is hereby requested. I can't hope to compete with the body count at the horror movie fest, but I'm making the best of it on my limited budget...

I know I'm a coward for not baiting the beast in its own lair like Mr. Paine does, but I just don't have the heart any more...

js paine:

my lord lady xeno
save the praise

me enter....THE LAIR???


why i quake in my FUZZY slippers
at the mere suggestion

So you didn't make it over to Kos yesterday ? Smithee now has a positive rogue's gallery of all the up-and-comers to the orange throne, should you prefer to start from the middle and work your way up...

royal paine:


daniel schorr will not be joining the stop me team

he announced on npr this morning
he's been hired to head up
a move on dot com
confirmation committee

Daniel Schorr? Damn, is he still alive?
What is he now, like, a hundred and twelve or something? The DW adores him.

But, aaaa-aanyway...

I've just realized...I can tell just how profoundly fucked up things are when Hillary Klinton announces her candidacy for Glorious Leader and it puts a smile on my face, and then Dennis The Menace announces and I'm cringing and screaming, "Dear fucking Lord, nooooooooooo!

(See also http://www.sinkers.org/posters/decision2004/torturedvoter.jpg )

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