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Not always incurable

By Michael J. Smith on Monday December 18, 2006 11:08 AM

Thus James Boyce, on the Huffington Post:
James Boyce
I Fubared Iraq.

I can't believe how dumb I am....

I really and truly believed that the Democratic leadership would read the results of the elections properly - and push every single day to end the war....

I even thought that that the political pressure would be such that in the end Iraq would not be the issue in 2008 that it would have been if the Democrats had not regained control of Congress....

I am complete idiot.

Sounds like a good start. I will follow Boyce's recovery with interest. Is there a twelve-step program for sobering Democrats, I wonder? What would the steps be?

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Jesus Reyes:

It's a specialized Kubler-Ross loop. He may go through anger-bargaining but in the bargaining stage he will be fed a rationalization that will set him up for the next denial "breakthrough". This could easily get him into 2011. Besides, he is clearly an idiot in that he doesnt realize that he is just an american peasant. This ain't Vietnam, baby. The empire absolutely cannot afford to leave Iraq. That proposition is not even on the table, nor will it ever be.


Naw, this guy hasn't hit the discomfirmation stage yet. He'll assuage himself by touting Kucinich's bogus primary bid and soon enough he'll be back in the pwoggie trough and grunting with the rest of 'em.

Now would be a really great time for somebody less obedient than Denny or the Huff crew to announce a run on the "Out Now" platform. They ought to be a little shorter in the tooth than Nader, as well. Does such a person really exist ? Would we know them if we saw them or are we just too beaten down and distrustful to do even that ?

I dunno. I'm open to suggestions, Ms. X.


Ms Xeno,

I'm not sure who the Greens are going to field in 2008. I doubt that Nader will run again, and Cobb and Camejo have taken themselves out of the running.


It would have been really amusing to see a "why" section. As in, "I really thought the Democrats would work as hard as they could to pull the troops out because..."

Oh, wait, there is no because, except the projections of your hopes onto the mommy party. That's...not actually a strategy, is it?

Well, fuck. What do we do NOW?

J. Alva Scruggs:

Rowan, I would say it's time for good Democrats to blame their critics and try work in some awkward analogies about the sixties, preferably laden with some junk sociology.


Well, fuck. What do we do NOW?

Emmigrate. :( Preferably off-planet. >:

VA, I'm happy to see the back of Cobb, that milksop. But it's too bad about Camejo.

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