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Oh the humanity

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday December 6, 2006 10:07 AM

I couldn't wait to see how the Kosniks would react to Silvestre Reyes' call for a troop buildup in Iraq, mentioned here a few minutes ago. I didn't have long to wait:


I think Pelosi will be a great Speaker. I'm hoping that Reyes misspoke. But, this leaves some to wonder from a policy point of view, are we getting different results from what it would be if Harman assumed the post? Are we getting different results from what we would have if the GOP kept the chairmanship?

This does seem so out of the blue that I'm hoping that Reyes was misquoted. His position definitely need to be clarified....

I'm hoping that Reyes was misquoted. It is enough to have to worry about Leiberman betraying our interests.

"Misspoke" once, "misquoted" twice -- this poor soul has gone past grasping at straws; he's grasping at srarws that have only a purely conjectural existence. And he's "worried" that Lieberman might "betray our interests"? That's like worrying that it might be cold at the North Pole. Where does Kos find these people?

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royal paine:

its glorious to see
the wriggle of these critters

the cold sweat building at the back of their necks

Which is less surprising?

1 - The Republicrats are pushing for an escalation of the war.

2 - The Kosniki's are scrambling to make excuses for their oh-so-pwogwessive leadership.

Finding the answer may require new research into micro-measurement.


I'd have to go with another choice:

3 - The inhabitants of Kossackstan will continue to be shocked- SHOCKED! that the Dems could sell them out.

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