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By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 22, 2006 10:44 AM

About two minutes after JSP's most recent post went up -- the one about Democrats making the Iraq status quo look like victory -- Mike Flugennock passed along this bit of crowing from Code Pink:
Dear CODEPINK Supporter,

Many thanks to those of you who took action this week to contact Senator Harry Reid about his remarks that he would support sending more troops to Iraq. His office was flooded with calls and emails on Tuesday! Below is a statement Senator Reid posted yesterday, saying that he does NOT support an escalation of the conflict and wants to bring out troops home. Let’s be clear: He only backed down because of the pressure he felt from the grassroots. Let’s see this as an important victory....

Reid's statement is a characteristic slab of Democratic doubletalk:
Frankly, I don't believe that more troops is the answer for Iraq.... We obviously want to support what commanders in the field say they need, but apparently even the Joint Chiefs do not support increased combat forces for Baghdad.
And if they did, Harry? Note also the carefully hedged phrase "combat forces," which recurs:
I believe we should start redeploying troops in 4 to 6 months (The Levin-Reed Plan) and complete the withdrawal of combat forces by the first quarter of 2008. (As laid out by the Iraq Study Group)
I seem to recall that the ISG envisioned a more or less permanent presence for something like half the troops we have there now. Mike F comments:
My DW has done some work with Code Pink, and I even designed a cartoon mousepad for them, back a few years ago when they were doing some really fun, creative action -- back before they attempted to hand the entirety of the American Anti-War Cargo Cult (I won't call it a 'Movement' anymore) over to the Democratic Party in '04.

They seem tickled pink -- ha, hah hah -- that in response to their high-school civics class tactics (call/fax/write your 'elected' politicians), Harry Reid (who really does remind me of some dickless, namby-pamby bank-examiner character from a WC Fields picture) has sorta kinda backed down on his comment that we need more troops in Iraq, even though his statement includes the term 'redeployment'.

What really gags me is that Code Weak is calling on the goddamn' President -- that is to say, the President of the US, not Venezuela (sadly) -- to come up with a plan to get us out of Iraq.

Jeezus. I need a bong hit or two. Or three. Or twelve. And, a couple of Guinnesses.... Ahh, hell, make that eight Guinnesses.

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j s paine:

"combat forces"
a lawyerly drafting

now if we end up with" embeds "
of 20- 40k boot pairs
" inside " the iraq army as instructors
it'll be as if we're not there at all ....

The ISG recommends a retreat into the 14 perminant fortresses we've built in Iraq while we try to figure out how best to divvy up Iraq's oil. This will, of course, entail a increase in the bombing campaign. Not exactly Murtha's airwar plan, but an amazing simulation.

And, yeah, Reid does kind resemble Burgess Meredith's bankteller character in the Zone episode "Time, Enough."

[tongue meets cheek:]

On behalf of those whose only approximation of male genitalia runs on batteries and sits in the sock drawer, I would like to call for Mike F's. banning from this site. As a duly-certified humorless feminist, I do not appreciate being lumped in with the likes of Senator Reid.

Thank You.

[/tongue meets cheek]

js paine:

hey x lady

some of us use battery powered stuff too

foreign objects in the ring are only verboten in luche libre

js paine:

its xmas morn

so to celebrate mellow yellow wise
i 'm reading an interview with that renowned yankee
anti imperial sodomite
gore vidal


its par " late" gore
full of pompous shoddy rad magazine majesty
wise in the ways of cartoon empire

and yet my cloudy mid read thoughts:

though a nice silly pink carol
don't it just prove once again
u can't squeezed much "street value"
out of legendary comic strip narratives

even those of a renowned middle america
anti disney
kill joy

a dark side parson weems

like uncle gore

stuff like his
is for fun only

a fire in the study
glowing but throwing little light
and less heat

but i read on anyway .....

who don't like
a tale told by an old man

so use to irony it can't poison his grin

okay so he's past
his self satisfying sadism
so low voltage now
its a massage

no longer the eisenhower era's
fearsome pervert
lurking at the center
of hugh hefner's sex maze

just a harmless
tiny tim like relic

our relic
the pop left bob hope

with nothing one assumes
more lively
between his legs these days
then the crucified peckers
his mere existence once mocked

at any rate

like a queeen fox blooming in december
he tosses off this one perfect line :

"Everybody who knows nothing admires Harry Truman"

merry christmas you buggars of hegemony

Damn, Paine. My eyes are brimming over. All I got for you was a one-year membership in the PDA. They threw in a free dual Reid-Pelosi bobblehead for joining before '07.

(snif !)

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