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By Owen Paine on Tuesday December 12, 2006 03:24 PM

Condi vs. Baker:
Dueling Views Pit Baker Against Rice

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 - Many of the blistering critiques of the Bush administration contained in the Iraq Study Group's report boil down to this: the differing worldviews of Baker versus Rice.

Clash of titans worthy of Virgil, or Alexander Pope material?

My take away: the Bush regime must play hard to get here, so the jerk-off majority can feel it forced a move on 'em, by its stentorian voicing of preference for withdrawal in last November's ballot bout.

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js paine:

this white house won't out source
the commander n chief's job
to any pack of surrender monkeys

an emperor who knows how to
drag 100 k pair of boots on the ground
'till relieved
well that
makes for good
long range geo politics

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