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Stop the presses

By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 1, 2006 03:44 PM

William Kaufman writes:
Why do incorrigible donkey-sniffers like Greider always profess such amazement and indignation at these inevitable follies?


Same Old Same Old
by William Greider

House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi ought to find a quiet place where she can sit down and recount the election. She was not chosen by her friends in Silicon Valley or by the friendly investment bankers on both coasts.... So why does Pelosi begin the education of her freshman members with a seminar on Rubinomics? Robert Rubin, the Citigroup executive and former Treasury secretary, will appear solo next week before the party caucus to explain the economy....

When labor officials heard about this, they asked to be included since they have very different ideas about what Democrats need to do in behalf of struggling workers and middle-class families. Pelosi decided against it. This session, her spokesman explains, is only about "fiscal responsibility"... It is seriously unwise for this new Speaker to leave an impression she has already chosen sides.

Much unintentional humor here. Let's start with Greider's blithe observation that Pelosi "was not chosen by her friends in Silicon Valley or by the friendly investment bankers on both coasts" -- but of course she was; can it really be that Greider doesn't know that? Given a choice between this remarkable display of obtuseness and the equally remarkable suggestion that Pelosi shouldn't give the "impression" that she's already chosen sides, it's hard to know which I enjoyed more. The "impression" that she's chosen sides! That's like suggesting to Captain Kidd that he might not want to give the "impression" of being a pirate.

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Nancy took oodles of corporate money. Her side was chosen for her long ago.

She's already been smacked around a couple of times by her peers in her party. I have a feeling that she will have an extraordinarily hard time leading her party.

She's ambitious, yes. But street smart? I think maybe not.

js paine:

well my nankins is now in a position of response-ability
let her grow in office...


she may once have been the rep from
culurally progressive peace and greenery frisco
now they've re elected her
she's gonna show em
she's lookin out for the whole nation


looking out for
the trans nat globality
and administer
white shoe wall street's
fiscal poison pills


ps lets start the dump nan band wagon

js paine:

bobby reich has a litmus test on the domeestic side right here:

the one hundred hours is to include
a green light
for the medicrats to price tustle
with the drug companies

can nan beat big pharma ???
does she even intend to try ????

also for your viewing pleasure
watch notorious high plains grifter
father smiff's fantasy sugar daddy
senator baucus maximus

Actually, I can't tell if it's unintentional humor or unintentional tragedy, the fact that so many DP hangers-on (would that be donk-sniffers or ass-sniffers?) knew going into it -- jayzus, they had to know going into it, c'mon -- that the DP was going to shiv 'em at the first opportunity, and went along with the scam anyway. (Hell, I may have voted for Bubba in '92, but I didn't have any goddamn' delusions about change; I did it strictly for the entertainment value)

It's as if Pwogwessives are entirely incapable of learning the lesson in that old story about a scorpion talking a duck (or something) into giving him a ride across a river, then stinging the duck to death once they reach the other side and rationalizing it by saying "I'm a scorpion; that's what I do."

And while we're on the subject of the House Majority Doormat...uh, that is, Leader... does anyone else here remember the interview she gave on NBC "Toady" -- I still have the tape of this -- after she was elected House Minority Leader in 2002? She said "I didn't run as a woman", quite possibly about the only truthful thing she's said ever since I'd heard of her in the sense that she in fact didn't run as a woman, but as a whore....and, knowing the quality of DP politicians as I do, that characterization's only slightly metaphorical.

That interview was also memorable for Chairman Nancy's declaration (this was during the run-up to Iraq War 2.0) that she and the DP leadership "stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Bush" on the issue of Iraq.

Not even her performance on "Meet The Press" last May (which I've also enshrined on tape) -- in which she happily declares her intention to not impeach The Chimp, says the phrase "intelligence community" at least a dozen times, and finishes off with a classic load of bland-assed DP mushmouthing including those old chestnuts "working families" and "give America a raise" -- comes even close to her jaw-dropper of Fall 2002.

js paine:

in my version of the story the scorpion is warned not to sting while crossing

"or we'll both drown"

but damen if right in mid stream he don't zing

then the punch line ....as they both go under

The function of unions (what few there are left) is to funnel money and votes into the DP and then shut the hell up. Why this hasn't dawned upon pwoggie pundits like Greider? Same reason it never occured to the members of Heaven's Gate that Marshall Herf Applewhite might be a wee bit unhinged.

On a related note, I simply must share this bit of local color with Paine and Smith before it gets caught in the cyber-undertoe and washed away for good:


So, take note, Fans. Here in the most liberal city in the most liberal state in the whole freaking universe, the most liberal Reps. in the most liberal districts we've got say they can't impeach because there's too much important stuff to fix that the nasty elephants broke and left lying around all over the place.

Does it ever occur to these idjits that by failing to attempt even a symbolic punishment of the people who spearheaded all these mutlilevel disasters, they simply encourage them to spearhead more and more ?

Time for a bottle of tequilla and a nice lie-down, I think...

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