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Bait and switch

By Owen Paine on Wednesday January 10, 2007 09:27 PM

Does anybody remember, a couple of months ago, we were being told how important it was to the future of humankind for the Democrats to re-take control of Congress? Well, they did re-take it -- and the current Punch-and-Judy show on the Hill is leading up to conclusion that whoops, we spoke too soon, we need the White House too.

In fact, without the White House we are nothing. The unitary prez, like a Stuart king, can thwart the majority will of the people. A united Democratic nation, saddled with a divided gubmint, can be flummoxed at the whim of the executive.

Deduction: the Iraq occ will only end if "we" -- the party of the people -- get the White House. So: 1) Expect nothing for the next two years of Democratic congressional superiority, and 2) be a good soldier and vote the Lesser Evil for prez in '08.

It's the next last best hope of humanity -- or do I mean inanity?

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Yeah, and if they get the WH in '08 it'll be, "Oh, we're poor poor helpless lambs until we take over the Supreme Court." There's always an excuse with the Demobot chorus.


Don't forget that they need 60+ Senators, too. Somehow, 41 Repub Senators are capable of filibustering at every turn (remember 1994), but not 45 Democrats! Helpless, helpless, oh so helpless are they before the mighty pow'r of King Bush.

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