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Not-mad-enough Max

By Owen Paine on Wednesday January 31, 2007 02:49 PM

Just read this in a comment at Max Speak:


...This voting for the lesser evil is getting pretty old, but the Dems definitely are the lesser evil.
synykyl | 01.31.07 - 12:19 am
'synkyl' was responding to this from Max himself:
....I will usefully remind you it was Clinton and Mad Albright who instituted sanctions against Iraq and affirmed the acceptability of the resulting hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent Iraqi children.

Today the litmus test of an anti-war candidate and the "netroots" is where they stand on attacking Iran."

Sounds good, eh? Max the mighty. He backs up a bit further down in the comments, though:
I do not view the Dems as equally culpable. Not even Clinton. But judging Dems by comparison to Republicans implies a very low standard.
Miracle Max | Homepage | 01.30.07 - 7:01 pm |
Mighty Max is gone, replaced by Max the Mushy. Does he really think that somehow there is some small good in folks like Albright and blow-me Bill? Max of the mordant sarcasm?

The real problem here is guys who want to do some good. It's like diluting strychnine with spring water and then telling us it's not as bad as the full-strength poison.

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owen paine:

gotta love max boot


he's ready for the next iraq
and he's got a winning plan

high lites

"The president needs to create a Department of Peace... so that we can be
better prepared for the aftermath of future military operations than we were in Iraq.
He needs to re-create the defunct U.S. Information Agency, which was folded into the State Department in 1999,
to wage the battle of ideas against Islamist extremists.

He needs to create a federal police force, possibly within the U.S. Marshals Service,
that can be dispatched to enforce the law in lawless lands.

He needs to beef up the "expeditionary" capacity in other civilian branches of government,
ranging from the Treasury to the Agriculture Department,
so that they can augment the efforts of our soldiers.
And he needs to better integrate the civilian and military branches of government so that they can function more smoothly together than they have in Afghanistan or Iraq."

see some of us have not lost our heads

Well sure! Why shouldn't the Ag Dept. have it's own military? Hell, why not militarize then entire fucking cabinet? Let's have a corps of combat ready mail sorters in the Postal Service! A brigade of Small Business Administration tanks! Shock troops of the Surface Transportation Board! A unit of Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board commando paratroopers! Then we'll really be ready for Iran!

Alan, will they revive the WPA and teach me to use Photoshop to torture hapless detainees, too ? Say it's so !!

Bro. Paine,

I voted for Nader twice and have never apologized for it, but he's gotten old. Until we get something new, we have to make the best of the shit we have. If you've got a better idea, I'm all ears.

Rock on.

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