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"Our" turn at the trough

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday January 13, 2007 07:17 AM

Comment seems superfluous:


Israel braced for action

In recent weeks Israel's leaders have been bombarded with increasingly doom-laden scenarios about Iran's progress towards producing a nuclear bomb, a threat that might push them towards unilateral military action....

"... Instead of... preparing for a military strike on Iran's nuclear infrastructure, the world continues to talk nonsense...." Oded Tira, the army's former head of artillery, wrote recently.

He said President George W. Bush lacked the political power to attack Iran and suggested Israel should concentrate on lobbying his opponents in the Democratic party. "We must clandestinely co-operate with Saudi Arabia so that it also persuades the US to strike Iran," he added.

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js paine:

this post
by a back on the air father smioff
will provoke the inevitable
wee hours call to your reporter here
from doctor Y from "beneath foggy bottom "

but let me in my own right repeat this:

there will be no real escalation or exspansion
of the iraq gig

some have seen an RN moment building here
a wider theatre of ground action
recall the spring of 70

we" incursed " on cambodia

recall the incurse into loas
arvn outfits but ..

they were both pure stage jobs
of the theatre of
and practical jokes

"were only foolin and killin and pretendin
here folks
its no big slamozzle
so just turn the channel
get back to yer sit coms
return to your fast food shopping"

ps analogy is more then just limited
its "treeeeecherous"

that being said.....

in the parallel

iran is not north nam
(maybe syria
has a few likes to it but...)

iran is .......china

do u recall the trickinator's
suave moves there ????


JSP -- I know this may be little tiresome, but I don't think the Trickinator, in his day, confronted a China Lobby that was quite what the Israel Lobby is now.

js paine:

i agree entirely

the hidden corporate powers behind The lobby
seriously over match
chiang's trans pacific coterie

and i'm
not forgeting
the house of saud either

the notion of a leap
into the lap of the turb types
has many advantages
wide view empire wise

the shah in uncle's pocket
was quite handy

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