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Profiles in cowardice

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday January 2, 2007 12:54 PM

Anybody still expecting the new Dem majority to do anything useful on health care? Read and weep:


Dems take middle ground on drug plan
By Erica Werner, Associated Press Writer | December 11, 2006

WASHINGTON --House Democrats will take the middle ground on the Medicare drug benefit, pushing for government-negotiated prices but stopping short of creating a federal plan to compete with private insurers, a lawmaker said Monday.

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., said a government-run plan would save money but is too ambitious for immediate action.

"That might draw a veto and then get us accused -- which I don't mind, but most of my colleagues do -- of price-setting and all that. ... There's a hesitancy to seem too radical," said Stark, a liberal in line to chair the House Ways and Means Committee's health subcommittee.

This is the same Stark who last year introduced a band-aid universal-coverage plan, HR 5886, to take the wind out of Conyer's genuine single-payer plan, HR 676. The Stark bill introduced an expanded Medicare for the uncovered, but mandated that employers provide coverage for all their employees -- a job-security measure for the insurance companies, of course.

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Off-topic, but I thought y'all might be interested.

I was walking down the street through a kind of liberal-boutique commercial area of Chicago the other day, and caught a glimpse of a large SUV - not quite Hummer or Escalade level, but a notch below - parked on the side of the road. It had two bumper stickers. One said "PROUD TO BE A DEMOCRAT!" The other said simply "1-20-09".

My first thought, well, after the knowing laughter, was "damn. Either this gas-guzzling SUV owner REALLY doesn't get it, or they really DO get it."

Rowan, do you think that might have been Rahmses' very own gass guzzler? I'm fairly sure the 1-20-09 thing is an estimate of his mileage (1 mile per 20 gallons) and a statement of his IQ range. Proud to be an Idiot!

Brian Miller:

Hey! Don't you all make fun of the Demos any more! Anyone skeptical of the Party of the People and its Past (Saint Jimmy Carter in particular) can only be described as getting all of their information from Fox News and Newsmax!

The regulars at Hullabaloo have informed me of this (I actually do like Digby, despite her touching faith in The Donkle, but her posters are true believers one and all. I have declared futile guerrilla warfare!)


Checking the map, it not only appears that the street in question was one of the outer boundaries of Rahmbo's district, but Rahmbo's district is also.....my.....district.

I need a bath.

js paine:

keep up the fight

Oh, gaaahhhhhhhddd, Chicago's got those 01.20.09 stickers now, too, huh?

They're starting to sprout all over Capitol Hill also, seemingly starting on the bumpers of a couple of cars seen parked regularly on the street in front of the Sierra Club office at 4th & C Northeast (also the 1980 Morris Udall Presidential Campaign HQ), right around the corner from our house.

I wish to hell somebody would put out a parody of those goddamn' stickers that say:

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

js paine:

please check the following statement
for "contradictions
of factuality ":

the democratic party is
the party
ready willing and able
to sock big pharma in the eye
afterwards kick em in the profit nuts
for complaining about it

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