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The business of America

By Owen Paine on Wednesday January 24, 2007 07:03 AM

Notice many now see these "netroot" outfits as cynical fund-raising scams, much like college alumni organizations, fan clubs and church services. Ahhh, all is commerce, eh?

But did anyone ever really think the pros wanted anything else from us than money and free stoop labor? Surely not "memes," let alone to-do lists.

So Kos and company, I salute you; nice detail.

Historical note: the revived KKK -- another appurtenance, or excrescence, of the Democratic Party -- was actually a costume and accoutrements scam by a Georgia guy in the club outfitting business. Maybe Kos et al. will similarly outgrow their roots in the squalid milieu of retail fund-raising; but the Klan had a number of advantages the Kosniks lack, and I don't just mean the dashing outfits. They also had something to say which, unfortunately, a substantial part of the public was eager to hear.

Lady Xeno points out the latest:


Looking to instill discipline among Democrats, a coalition of labor, trial lawyers and liberal groups are launching lobbying and campaign organizations this week....

'Our PAC will encourage Democrats to act like Democrats - and if they don't - they better get out of the way,' Steve Rosenthal, one of the coalition's main organizers, wrote in a memorandum describing the organization....

Rosenthal founded America ComingTogether, a political organization that mobilized Democratic voters in the 2004 presidential election.... [Other leaders include] Anna Burger, the secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union; Eli Pariser, the executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, and Linda Lipsen, a senior vice president at the American Association for Justice, formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association.

There's a real people's lobby for you -- the Stern gang, the trial lawyers and the moverons and comer-togethers. (MoveOn's chief woodchuck, Eli Pariser, is shown at left.)

Given the turn of the tide in Congress, we can now expect outfits like this to sprout like so many mushrooms.

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To paraphrase one part Moon Unit Zappa, another part Schoolly D: "Gag me with a fucking maggot."


Way back in the day, before he gots edu-ma-cated by the fine folk of SMBIVA, this young lad was nonetheless showing upside potential. To wit, upon discovering some unwelcome MoveOn generic meat product in his elektronic dropboxx, he rifled back:

"MoveOn has consistently proven in a variety of arenas that it is effectively the 'progressive' rump of the shopworn Democratic Party, and hence actually impedes progress on the very issues which nominally concern you. I am to the left of you, sayanora!!!"

Ah, for the days prior to the Guardian leaking bits and pieces from the latest doomsday IPCC report, when agitated critique premised on a better future was still thinkable, before bank accounts were closed and canned goods were stockpiled. To be 36, to be young again with the wind whipping through a full head o' hair...


I had no idea Pariser was so repellent: the bathing-cap hair, the snidely curled lip, the wagging, now-see-here finger -- and my God, he's even wearing a flag necktie. These people are capable of anything.

royal paine:

and his face glows
as if with smeerings..

like a prize fighter
with too much co ag grease

his cut man needs to do a better wipe off before the next round

and i see a tony roberts thing there
a tony without the hyper'gland ' growth

js paine:

glue :

them cut out club weasils
are no match fer ya...

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