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Kissing the ring -- or whatever

By Owen Paine on Sunday February 11, 2007 02:55 PM

Obviously the Catholic hierarchy was not even a little cowed by the wild, unabashed, and very expensive nationwide expose of their cover-up of a decades-long man-boy robes act, ranging from harmless pocket pool to nasty love links. At any rate we can all enjoy the Universal Church hydra rising into dudgeon mode, and savagely striking down bathtub Baptist Johhny Edwards and his pair of recently-hired blogchicks for -- and isn't this rich -- their offenses against community standards of decency. Here's a pro-clerical take from my favorite Catrag, thanks to mcat.

There was a lot of surprised pwog-blog chatter about this -- how on earth could something so downscale and obscurantist as a groupuscule of Catholic hammerheads get the Injun sign over thoroughly modern Johnnie? These folks need to get some historical perspective. Before there was the AIPAC Policy Conference, there was... the Al Smith Dinner.

One wonders when some Catlick pol will at long last out these pederastic ghouls for their clandestine, behind-the-sacristy-curtain knife-throwing. It's well past time for those in the center of the arena to stop worring about the wrath of these vicious queens from Crowtown.

PS -- The real lead meatball here seems to be our old friend William A Donahue, head of the Catholic League:


Now that all the Huguenots are dead, it's secular pornocrats he and his reborn league are after.

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The Pwoggie-Bloggies are unique in being completely incapable of recognizing real power when they see it. It doesn't fit in with their mushy civics class view of American politics. Hell, KO$ wouldn't know Al Smith from, well, me.

Bill Donohue has me worried now.

Since my name ends in an "ski" does that mean the Amanda Marcotte Anti-Papist Brigades are going to break down my door, throw me to the floor and say "where's the body of Christ punk?"

But it serves me right for voting for John Kerry. Dammit. I knew I outed myself when I punched that vote into Diebald.

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