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Semi-sweet chocolate

By Owen Paine on Sunday February 11, 2007 07:58 PM

You all probably read this piece by Glen Ford already, but it's solid and worth repeat notice: the nation turns its hungry eyes toward a chocolate-covered statesman --


Yes, Obama plays rocket man for The Man, a real corporate media meteor arching across the political skies, lifting heads and minds from our 24/7 mud-blood-and-beer circus minimus down here below.

My favorite bit:

And what do African Americans get out of the deal? Far less than nothing. By assisting white Americans to believe that painless absolution of collective responsibility for the past and current national sins can be achieved by looking kindly on an ingratiating Black man's presidential candidacy, Obama has become an active participant in the Great Diversion. He repeatedly reinforces the notion that noisy “partisan politics” is what’s wrong with America, rather than rapacious corporations, structural and overt racism, and rampaging militarism.
Pretty hard to improve on that.

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God damn, man; looks like that article's been blown around the freekin' world. And, yeah, it is mighty damn' good, isn't it?

I originally saw it as a "reprint" on CounterPunch, so I found the original at BAR and linked to it from my 'zine, then almost immediately after that Glen Ford popped up on WPFW here in DC, on the "Jazz'n'Justice" show, giving an excellent interview to a host only known as "The Funkinest Journalist" (cool nom de guerre, imho, btw).

If there was a God, I'd thank It for giving us the Black Agenda Report and The Black Commentator, possibly among only a handful of Afro-American publications that hasn't either devolved into a Black version of People or is counseling Black Americans to sit down, shut up and wait for the Democratic Party and the CBC to give them permission to take action on their own behalf.

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